The Columbia Street Project 
"Where Faith Gets Down to Business"

Requiem to America's God

Author: Dr. Stan Moody


Thirty-seven years ago, I embarked on an Gravestones with flags ill-fated campaign to become Governor of Maine -- ill-fated by the naivet? of an abundance of ideas backed by an empty wallet and zero political experience. Social engineers on the left were about to wipe out poverty by codifying the right of procreative choice. Social engineers on the right were about to save the world economy by controlling the flow and price of Mideast oil. Interest rates were hovering around 25%. Vehicles lined up at the gas pumps. America had, apparently, at last come of age.



From the left, we now are enjoying the fruits of a stagnant labor force and the rise of an elder population dependent on government support. From the right, we now are enjoying the cudgel of Al Qaeda and ISIS in the wake of 9/11 - a nation and the Mideast in turmoil...

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The Columbia Street Project
"Where Faith Gets Down to Business"
Is there something missing in your life? 
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