Require a remotely mounted wind sensor or a more specialized wind sensing requirements? MetPak can be specified with one of Gill's 2-axis or 3-axis ultrasonic wind sensors mounted remotely up to 10m away from the Base Station typically on a mast or tower. Options include:

Windsonic: For wind speed and direction measurements to 60 m/s. Corrosion free, polycarbonate housing

WindSonic M: Wind speed and direction measurements to 60 m/s with heating & impact resistant to UL2218 Class 1 & BSEN 60945

WindObserver 70: With enhanced heating & wind measurements up to 70 m/s for extreme conditions

WindMaster : Three dimensional wind measurements up to 45 m/s in a lightweight carbon fibre/aluminium construction

WindMaster PRO: Three dimensional wind measurement up to 65 m/s in a stainless steel housing.