Required COVID-19 Training for Employees

We recognize there have been many changes in Idaho State University’s processes, guidelines, and procedures associated with our Roaring Back plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the safety and well-being of all in mind, the University has collaborated with multiple units to develop a “Responding to COVID-19” training for faculty and staff. This module was developed to ensure our campus community has critical information related to safety procedures, and details about what to do if you or others are exposed to COVID-19. 

While we are not able to eliminate all of the risks, we can significantly mitigate the COVID-19 spread through the individual efforts of our faculty, staff, and students. The information provided in this video training is essential for our shared duty to keep campus healthy. Due to the important nature of this information, all employees are required to complete the training and submit the acknowledgement form no later than August 31.

As part of the acknowledgement process, please feel free to submit questions related to Idaho State’s COVID-19 response. Questions submitted through this format will either receive a direct response or be addressed in future campus communications. The training and acknowledgement can be accessed online, or by using the links below.
Watch the Responding to COVID-19 training video (21 minutes).
After watching the video, complete and submit the COVID-19 Training Acknowledgement Form.
If you haven’t already, review the Bengal Pledge.
Being a part of the Bengal community means that each of us must take steps to stay well and protect each other. We thank you for your commitment to practice healthy behaviors focused on preventing the spread of COVID-19. If you have any questions about how to complete the training, please reply to this email. For more information about the University’s response to COVID-19 and preparations for fall, visit
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