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*Required Paraquat Training*

Paraquat is the chemical name for several trade names of a very common burndown herbicide.  Common names include Gramoxone, Paraquat, Parazone, Para-Shot, and Quick-Quat.  That list may not be all inclusive, so be aware that there may be other product names for paraquat as well.  Regardless of the product name, you will eventually have to receive training to use a paraquat product.

We went through this last year, and the new labels never appeared in 2019.  New labels are supposed to appear this winter and once you purchase product with a new label, you are then required to be trained before you apply, and have the training certificate as part of your pesticide records.

Only certified applicators can apply, mix, load, deal with open paraquat containers, or clean equipment, etc that was used for a paraquat application.  Any certified applicator who is involved in any part of a paraquat application is required to be trained.

Right now, the only training option is an online class followed by a test.  You must get 100% to pass the test.  You can retake the test until you pass.  I took the training this past spring and  found it to be pretty straight forward, and the test not particularly tricky.  Once you pass the test, training is good for 3 years.

If you desire to go ahead and do this, Google "paraquat training" and select   Paraquat Dichloride Training For Certified Applicators.

Click on   EPA approved training module can be accessed here, which will appear as light blue print just below the first paragraph.

Click on the   Continue  button, click   Create New Account  and fill out the form.  You will then be directed to the training. 

  If you find you need help, contact me and we'll figure something out .  

Do you need this?
I think so.  We are ready to experience several resistant weeds and to keep a field clean, we need the ability to start a field clean.  Paraquat products are one of the few tools we have available, and we need all the tools we can get.

When will it kick in?
I don't know!  New labels are supposed to appear this winter, but it's unknown how much old label stock is out there.  Product already in the pipeline will have to be exhausted before new label product hits the farm.  You don't have to be trained until you purchase product with a new label.

How will it be enforced?  
This won't add a subclass to your private applicators license, so legally, you can purchase new label product without any training.  You just can't legally use it.  However, NCDA inspectors will be able to ascertain purchasers of paraquat products and they may well be interested in stopping by to see your certificate.  Certainly, any drift complaints will be cause for you to produce your certificate as well.

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Disclaimer agrichemicals:
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