June 28, 2018
Resale Company Warns Customers About Timeshare Fake News  
You might wish to share this warning to prospective timeshare buyers, as written for his corporate blog by resale advertising company executive, Doug Milbrath. Milbrath writes:

You've probably heard the phrase "fake news" as it relates to manipulating political opinions, but fake news is a problem that affects every industry. The internet has plenty of fake news pertaining to timeshare; some of it comes from confused timeshare owners who don't know they're spreading misinformation, and some of it is created intentionally by fraudulent companies. Regardless of the source, believing fake news can be a costly mistake for timeshare owners who want to sell.

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Across the Transom...
Here's a look at some of the news we've seen this week.

CustomerCount┬«, has teamed with   RCI, the worldwide leader in vacation exchange, to launch yet another enhancement to CustomerCount's  enterprise customer feedback system.  The new addition to CustomerCount's feedback capabilities is TravelVUESM, a multifaceted social-analytics and support system that monitors brand sentiment, gathers real-time conversations and provides insight for social media and marketing teams.

More than 90 percent of vacation ownership professionals expect that consumer interest in the timeshare market will be stronger or on par with the past year, according to Capital One's seventh annual survey of vacation ownership professionals who attended the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) World 2018 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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