Good afternoon,

Like many Floridians, we are closely monitoring the approach of Major Hurricane Ian. This storm is expected to directly impact Central Florida, with dangerous conditions arriving as soon as tomorrow morning. While this storm doesn't present the same sort of dangers to us as it does to those who live closer to the coastline, it is still a serious situation. We anticipate flooding rains, mild to moderate wind damage, threat of tornados, loss of internet service, and loss of power across much of the region. To ensure the safety of our team, we are pivoting to work remotely starting tomorrow.

The following services will definitely be impacted based on this developing situation:
  • Shipping - Resaleworld will be unable to fulfill any outgoing shipments (tags, hardware, etc...) as of tomorrow. Shipping should resume normally by Monday, October 3rd.
  • - We will be shutting down the customer portal early tomorrow morning. Service will be restored once the storm has passed, provided electrical and internet services are available.

Resaleworld intends to remain open during our regular business hours as the storm passes. Our ability to operate normally will very much depend on the availability of electrical and internet service - both to our main office, as well as to our remote workers. Depending on how the situation develops, some or all of our staff may end up becoming inaccessible. Given the potential for limited staff availability, we request that support questions that are not urgent be held until next week.

The following services are administered from out-of-state datacenters, and thus will not be impacted by this hurricane:
  • Liberty Cloud
  • Resale Rewards
  • ResalePay

The following services are administered from a local hurricane-proof datacenter:
  • Shopify Integration
  • Consignor Login
  • eBay Integration
  • ResaleWallet
  • ShopRW Websites and Integrations

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. All of our friends and clients who are in harms way are very much in our thoughts as well.

The Resaleworld Team