Across the Lifespan

with TAALS Member

Yuliya Tsaplina

April 2, 2022, Saturday

10 AM US Pacific/1 PM US Eastern time

2 hours

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Unfortunately, we could not conduct this event in February, so we rescheduled for April 2.

Our professional lives as interpreters and translators depend on our abilities to juggle multiple languages, seamlessly and in real time. 

The science of bilingualism has made great strides in understanding how bilingualism changes the mind in ways that go far beyond the linguistic. Popular press coverage has made many far-reaching claims about the advantages of bilingualism.

Are bilingual people truly more empathetic?

Do they really have a greater ability to focus?

In this session we will try to separate hype from fact and will discuss the multiple advantages conferred by bilingualism across the lifespan, as well as the costs involved. 

We will focus in greater detail on early bilingualism and on factors that help children acquire proficiency in multiple languages at an early age.

´╗┐The talk will be followed by a Q&A session.

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About our Speaker:

Yulia Tsaplina is a TAALS and AIIC member.

As a practicing interpreter, she is a witness to language acrobatics of the highest order happening in real time.

As an instructor of simultaneous interpretation, she teaches the technique that makes such acrobatics possible.

As a mother of a trilingual teen and a bilingual toddler, she is very familiar with the effort required to raise a balanced multilingual child.

These various strands have come together for her in the study of child bilingualism.

In 2019, she received a diploma in Child Bilingualism: Scientific, Educational, Social, and Psychological Perspectives from the University Paris Descartes.

Now her goal is to share this knowledge with those interested in understanding how multilingualism affects the many aspects of our lives.

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