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Good afternoon, everyone,
The United States Senate is preparing to vote on a rescue package for both businesses and individuals suffering in the wake of the novel coronavirus. Overall, the legislation is aimed at flooding the economy with capital to revive businesses and households that have been knocked off course by fears about the virus's rapid spread. Though details remained fluid, the legislation would include direct payments of $1,200 to many American adults and $500 to children, and would create roughly $850 billion in loan and assistance programs for businesses, states and cities. There would also be increases for the unemployment insurance program, as well as hospitals and health-care providers that are being overwhelmed by the crisis.
The Frankfort Chamber remains neutral in speaking for or against legislation issues, but wants to provide you with information as received, so you can make your own decision. If you are interested in sharing your opinion on this legislation, you can reach Senator Durbin and Senator Duckworth as follows: 
Sen. Durbin 202-224-2152 
Sen. Duckworth 202-224-2152 

Marianne Melcher
Executive Director