She is our beautiful adopted Golden Retriever.  We still can’t believe we were fortunate enough to have this incredibly sweet, gentle girl join our family.  We were left with a void in our family when our 13 year old Golden Retriever passed.  We were hopeful that Captain Jack, our Golden/Lab mix, would adjust and enjoy being an only child.  We soon realized he was getting lethargic and missed the companionship of another dog. We also missed having 2 dogs and felt we needed to liven up the household.  That is when our hunt to find a good match began.  We had always gotten our dogs as puppies but we knew that Captain Jack, then 7 ½, would not appreciate the energy of a young dog.   We loved the idea of helping a dog and giving it the loving family that all dogs deserve.  We enjoy the temperament of Golden Retrievers and felt we would love to have another one.  We researched rescue organizations and found NRGRR.  Chloe was everything we were looking for.  The dogs took to each other immediately and have loved each other ever since!   Chloe has brightened the lives of all of us! She is so perfect for the family! She likes a party and is happy when she gets together with family and her doggy cousins.  She is very loving and spends most of her time at our feet.  Both of our dogs are featured in February in the NRGRR calendar where you can see them playing in the snow. We aren’t sure of exactly how Chloe ended up at the shelter but are incredible grateful NRGRR went and picked her up and cared for her. We are so happy we decided to adopt! It has been a wonderful, fulfilling experience!