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Rick Alford, CRP


February 2016 Edition

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Happy Valentine's Day
10 Reasons to Love IUL's
Critics of permanent insurance may argue that insurance is not a good investment, that term is a cheaper way to provide a death benefit, that surrender charges are too long, and that product design is too complicated. But there simply is no other financial product that can protect against life's uncertainties better than IUL. 

Let's consider all that it can do:

Is your money barely
"staying afloat"
in the  turbulent  waters of
Wall Street...
Rescue Your Retirement!

Earn 4% interest compounded annually (3% minimum guarantee)

10% Interest Bonus upon signing

No risk to principal

100% of principal available at all times

Not an annuity product

A Note from the
Accounting Sleuth
2015 - An Eventful Year
2015 was an eventful year that made for a volatile stock market even though the S&P 500 closed out almost unchanged
from a year ago. The volatility continues into 2016.  Read More

Introducing a 401(k) Alternative
You can't afford to miss this 12 minute montage:
CBS 60 Minutes
PBS Frontline
MSNBC Morning Joe
CPA Ed Slott
Social Security Laws Have Changed

Join us for an informative event on:
March 3rd 6:30 pm
W.O. Haggard, Jr. Library in Plano, TX
March 10th 6:30 pm
John & Judy Gay Library in McKinney, TX
T here may be retirement benefit strategies available to you that could substantially increase your future payments even if you have already begun collecting.

How will the  New Social Security Laws affect your retirement?

Register online at 
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Want to make sure  kids can attend college?
Use Whole Life Insurance.
Although rarely discussed as the ideal college savings plan, a solid case can be made for whole life insurance as a far better option.

Wait a minute. Did I just say that whole life insurance is a better college savings plan than a 529 Plan? 

Yes I certainly did.

Rick Alford, CRP, CEO
Retirement Solutions