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     Volume 1, Issue 4


We are in the dog days of summer in Harrisonburg, and while it may seem quiet, there is a lot happening on campus!  For example, faculty from the College of Integrated Science & Engineering will host two Cyber Defense Boot Camps this summer.  This train-the-trainer approach covers the basics of cyber defense for high school technology teachers.  In recognition of the success of past boot camps, Drs. Hossain Heydari, Brett Tjaden, and Steve Wang received the Innovation in Higher Education Award, presented at the 2016 Shenandoah Valley Technology Council's Tech Nite Awards Gala. 

Also honored at Tech Nite was Dr. Ken Rutherford, who was the unanimous recipient of the Dr. John Noftsinger Leadership Award.  Dr. Rutherford serves as the Director of JMU's Center for International Stabilization and Recovery, and has been a global leader in the humanitarian mine action and landmine victim assistance communities for more than two decades.

Keeping with the theme of honoring the incredible achievements of the JMU faculty, I would also like to recognize JMU Assistant Professor of Chemistry Iona Black, recipient of the Stakeholder of the Year Award from the Interstate Technology Regulatory Council.  Dr. Black received this award in recognition of her work on the Characterization and Remediation in Fractured Rock Team, who also won Team of the Year for 2015.

I look forward to sharing many more faculty achievements with you in the coming months, and wish you all a fun and restful summer!  


Yvonne Harris, Ph.D. 
Vice Provost for Research & Scholarship 
Award winner Dr. Iona Black (front row center) and Dr. Tale Mitchell (back row, third from the right) with Expanding Your Horizons student volunteers.
Dr. Black with U.S. Ambassador to Morocco Dwight Bush, Sr.
Ken Rutherford receiving the
Dr. John Noftsinger Leadership Award from Cindy Noftsinger.
Dr. Heydari (right) and Dr. Tjaden (center) receive the
Innovation in Higher Education Award, presented by Cadence, Inc.
$10,000 for Mobile App Hack-a-thon Win Hackathon 

A multidisciplinary team of JMU undergraduate and graduate students has earned $10,000 to develop a mobile app that encourages caregivers to care for themselves. The mobile app, called "My Time," is designed for iPhone and Android systems and leverages the existing social networks of caregivers to encourage them to take care of their own physical and mental health. Read more
 Health Policy Collaborative Hosts Summit  HealthPolicy         
Looking to teach clinical health students about the importance of advocating for their practices, JMU's Health Policy Collaborative (HPC) hosted their second Health Policy Summit, with 276 students working directly with legislators to explore alternative policies that would help reduce the Medicaid gap impacting 400,000 uninsured Virginians. Students were divided into teams, worked both with each other and supervising faculty to develop plans to aid those impacted by the Medicaid gap, created posters to detail their plans, and voted on the top three plans. Legislators then had the opportunity to see the group's ideas through a 'gallery walk' of the various posters, and the top three presented their plans in full.  Read more 
Centennial Scholars Program Hosts Monthly Cybersecurity WorkshopsCentennial

The JMU Centennial Scholars Program (CSP), which provides full-ride scholarships to financially challenged students, hosted monthly cybersecurity workshops for its students this past academic year.  Due to the interdisciplinary make-up of the CSP, the workshops aimed not only to increase security awareness, but also to broaden students' interests and emphasize the increasing ubiquity of cybersecurity concerns in today's job market.  Read more

Senior Music Education Major Receives Funding to Further FieldMusiced

Thanks to a scholarship for undergraduate research from the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA), Music Education student Jon Stapleton was able to develop an electronic instrument interface designed to help students with limited instrumental proficiency create and share music with one another. The modular design uses sets of interlocking buttons, sliders, and knobs, each programmed with a different function to produce sound through specialized computer software. A case study of the device's use in the classroom is currently underway, and the findings will be presented at the 32nd World Conference of the International Society for Music Education (ISME) in Scotland in July.  Read more
JMU Professors Win Award for Textbook textbook     

Dr. Bradley A. Striebig (Professor, Engineering), Dr. Adebayo A. Ogundipe (Assistant Professor, Engineering) and Dr. Maria C. Papadakis (Professor, Integrated Science & Technology) received the 2016 Most Promising New Textbook award through the Textbook and Academic Authors Association for their work, Engineering Applications in Sustainable Design and Development. Striebig and his colleagues decided to write the book because there were no existing textbooks that meshed well with the emphasis on sustainability in the JMU engineering curriculum. To date, the textbook has been adopted by more than 15 universities in the U.S., and more than 1,400 copies have been sold worldwide. 
Read more 

Promoting Clean Energy: Virginia Clean CitiesVCC

Virginia Clean Cities (VCC), a nonprofit that has worked in partnership with JMU since 2009, continues to spearhead various efforts to connect organizations in both the public and the private sector with the resources needed to pursue clean energy options in Virginia. VCC's current initiatives include a project in partnership with the EPA designed to lower the amount of emissions generated by trucking fleets, a website database that connects technology developers to suppliers to expand the domestic supply chain of hydrogen fuel cells, a Virginia Port Authority Green Operator Program providing truck drivers with resources to retrofit or replace diesel drayage trucks, and a mentoring program supporting other Clean Cities Coalitions across the country.  Read more
Voices of Scholarship: Dr. Steven WhitmeyerTomorrow 
The Voices of Scholarship Project directs its attention to Dr. Steven Whitmeyer, Associate Professor of Geology, who researches the geologic processes that gave rise to the mountains we see today.  Mapping the orientation of the rocks beneath and around us serves many practical purposes, from identifying areas that are susceptible to sinkholes, to locating natural resources, to understanding how geologic foundations influence the building of roads.  Dr. Whitmeyer participates in the JMU Geology Field Course, which provides students the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to the natural environment of western Ireland.  
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