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This Day in History...
In 1939 by proclamation, Franklin D. Roosevelt designated August 19--the birthday of Orville Wright--to be National Aviation Day. Living In a city with a rich aviation history from military training at Lackland Airforce Base to the legendary story of how Southwest Airlines business plan was crafted on a cocktail napkin, we invited our UT Health family to reflect on the significance of aviation has had on them.
Hailing from the Birthplace of Aviation (Dayton), Steve Brown, director of academic programs, Long School of Medicine, recalled his countless hours at the National Museum of the US Air Force. Upon reflection, the history buff is amazed and inspired at the progress made over the past century from a 12 second, 120 foot powered flight in 1903 to landing two men on the Moon in 1969. Aviation connects and inspires!

Mari Martinez, grants and contracts manager, Office of Sponsored Programs says whether it is simply hearing planes flying overhead while in her backyard, in awe at an airshow, or traveling quickly and comfortably to destinations for business or pleasure, it is obvious the world wouldn’t be what it is without aviation. She is thankful for the luxuries that aviation provides and is proud to live in a city that contributes to the industry! 

Kristen Zapata, Executive Assistant, School of Dentistry, associates aviation with family. Their gatherings for the Wings Over South Texas Air Show affords a wonderful opportunity for quality family time while enjoying acrobatic maneuvers of military pilots and civilian flyers.
Research Round-up
Subject matter experts from the Research Administration offices will provide updates keeping investigators and their research teams abreast on rules, guidelines, and policies.
UT Health and University Hospital initiate Phase 3 clinical trial

From recruiting participants to innovative study designs, check out the TIN archives and leverage the resources and expertise of our CTSA partners for your research.

Researchers share how they have adapted fieldwork and collaborations in the face of travel bans and closed borders. First tip: don't forget about developing countries!
FASEB shares the beauty and breadth of biological research with the public by celebrating the art of science. Register your artwork by August 31!

The latest clinical, translational, and basic science research in the areas of trauma presented virtually August 26 & 27.
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