September 2018
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Write a product review and win an Amazon Alexa!
We've decided to give away some of our new technology research kit as prizes for the next three months.

For your chance to win - and right now, the odds are pretty good - please submit your product review/s to the Rate it! website by the end of September. Each review counts as one entry to the prize draw.

September's prize is an Amazon Alexa!

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Car seating for disabled kids: guidance
Our updated guidance about cars for families with disabled kids has two unique information sheets:

As postural support is so important for a growing child, it's really worth getting independent, expert, advice from your local mobility centre.
Gem in orange RiDC colour
Gem of the month: car measurements
Are you looking for:

  • A car with a flat boot sill so it's easier to load your wheelchair or mobility scooter in?

  • A car with a certain seat height?

  • A small car with a big boot?

If yes, then our car search can really help! Search over 30 accessibility features and measurements, compare detailed specifications and view factsheets and photos.

This unique research, funded by Motability, is carried in by boffins in a lab in Germany.
Other news
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DEMAND - solving everyday living challenges
Our other gem of the month is DEMAND, a national charity that helps people who are looking for specific products to suit particular needs. With a wealth of engineering and technical knowledge, DEMAND can help people of any age, with any disability, regardless of circumstances.
When a suitable product can’t be found or isn't easily accessible they'll develop a tailored custom design. Find out more below.
Accessible websites
Gov UK logo green
From 23 September, the UK Government will implement the EU's directive on the accessibility of (most) public sector websites and mobile apps . The Government Digital Service is to monitor accessibility and the Equalities and Human Rights Commission will enforce it. Read the full statement below.
Disabled cyclists survey
Wheels for Wellbeing has launched its latest survey on the needs and experiences of disabled cyclists. This year they've added questions on using cycles as mobility aids as well as engaging with the benefits system. They hope answers will shed light on little-known areas of cycling and disability policy. The closing date is 28 September. Take the survey below.
Changing Places toilets survey
The Changing Places campaign wants to hear from users, campaigners and venues in two surveys they've set up with Muscular Dystrophy UK:
  1. The user and campaigner survey focuses on the impact Changing Places toilets have on people’s every day lives. 
  2. The venue survey looks at how venues decide whether they can provide a Changing Places toilet, as well as any barriers they may face. 
Find out more below.
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