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April 2017

Path to AAALAC Accreditation 
Preparation for AAALAC accreditation has been underway for many years at FAU and 2017 will see the culmination of these efforts. The timeline below shows the milestones related to AAALAC in the upcoming months. Policy development and implementation of those policies will be moving forward with a planned pre-visit by AAALAC at the beginning of October. Please familiarize yourself with the timeline and if you have questions contact Research Integrity or Comparative Medicine.  With everyone's assistance in this shared responsibility, FAU will soon accomplish this long-awaited goal of achieving the gold standard of AAALAC accreditation for its animal care and use program.

IRB Submission FAQ's
We understand IRB submissions may be confusing. To help you on your way, we compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding the IRB submission process.
When should I submit my project?

You should only submit your project after ALL required signatures have been obtained from your college. The IRB reviewers can take no action on your project until your college signature authorities have reviewed and okay your study for scientific merit.

For more frequently asked questions, click here.

Expedited vs. Full Board and Turnaround Time
The Research Integrity office aims to be as quick and efficient as possible. Researchers should always allow four-six weeks between the time of original submission to final approval. It is important to take into consideration the need for additional documents, time for IRB members (who are faculty with their own teaching and research priorities) to review submissions, for the RI office to provide feedback to the researchers and for revised documentation to be submitted in response. This back and forth can sometimes take a while to finalize. READ MORE.

Helpful Tip

Researchers must use the IRBNet Portal to submit any and all research related documents with the exception of the  "Determination of Human Subjects Research" form which operates on a case-by-case basis.  The Determination of Human Subjects Research form should be emailed to Dr. Levy for initial review.   For instructions on how to register and use the IRBNet Portal, click  here.

Highlights of New Continuing Review/
Final Report Form (Form 02)
* New table for PIs to list all personnel and their role in the study
* All personnel listed on a project must have their CITI report included in the submission.
* There is no longer a need to include the number of participants added per period
* Capturing participant information now involves reporting three components:
1. The number of participants that were originally approved
2. How many participants were enrolled during the last year
3. The total number of participants that have been enrolled in the study. See here for guidance on what is considered an enrolled participant.

Outside Employment Activity vs 
Disclosure of Significant Financial Interest
Researchers who are key personnel on a grant proposal are required to submit a disclosure of significant financial interest if they earn more than $5,000 in income from an outside entity or if they have a managerial or equity interest in a company regardless of the amount involved. For the full list of requirements, review the SFI disclosure form found here
Researchers are required to complete the CITI Conflict of Interest Module of online training.  READ MORE .

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