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Guidance and Support for Your Research
April 2015

Dear faculty, staff and students,

I'd like to welcome you to Research Integrity's first edition of The Beacon - a newsletter intended to provide guidance and communication with you as we strive to support you in your research and scholarly endeavors. It is my sincere belief that establishing frequent and open communication will ... read more

Stay Up to Date on Changes That Impact Your Research
As FAU grows in leaps and bounds, so has the diversity of its research portfolio.  To help meet the needs of researchers and improve the committee review process, many IRB and IACUC policies have been updated.  

Please review the website and look for those marked " Updated!"  The IRB has also added new forms to the Forms and Template area of IRBNET. (Look for more details coming later) Please review forms before your next submission to be sure you are using the most recent version and delete any old forms saved on your computer.    
CITI Training Follows You, Find the Latest Requirements 
The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) is an online research-training portal hosted by the University of Miami. Thousands of universities across the country, and internationally, subscribe to CITI for their research training. If you move to another university, your CITI training transfers with you. All you have to do is  ... read more

Advice for Student Researchers

FAU Owl trainees have inquiring minds with research occurring at all levels at FAU - undergraduate, graduate and post doctoral. 

Here are some tips for students getting their IRB protocol reviewed and approved in a timely manner: 

Know the Conflict-of-Interest Pitfalls

What must I disclose related to Conflict of Interest? 

If you are faculty or staff and have an outside business, you are required to report this through the Provost's office - see Page 22 of the Office of the President University  Policy 7.5.

If you have a significant financial interest (SFI) in an outside business and you are conducting sponsored research at FAU, you need to disclose your SFI through Sponsored Programs.  

Note:  A new disclosure form will soon be released with the intent of providing more explanation of these terms. Please refer to the existing  Financial Conflict of Interest link.
How the Three R's of Research Can Help You

With Spring upon us, the Research Integrity office reminds all researchers with IRB protocols to practice the three R's. What are the three R's of research? Find out  here .
Meet the Newest Research Integrity Team Member 
Donna Simonovitch joined the Research Integrity team recently as Coordinator, Research Programs.

Donna comes to FAU from Florida International University, where she coordinated research programs, quality assurance and quality improvement initiatives in the Office of Research Integrity. Prior to her time at FIU, Donna served as the Institutional Review Board Manager at Cleveland Clinic Florida for 25 years. She moved from Ohio to South Florida to continue working with the Cleveland Clinic Florida.