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New York News in Research

November 2015
Researchers at Stony Brook University
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SUNY Upstate study with Harvard and Syracuse showing how better indoor environments enhance cognitive function is highlighted in Washington Post

Scientists report a surprising link between indoor carbon dioxide levels and cognitive function, a development likely to sharpen debate about indoor environment conditions in office buildings. 

Weill Cornell Medicine: Tumor Exosome Protein Signatures Predict Future Organ Sites of Cancer Spread

Stony Brook University: Study Suggests Targeting Invasive Cells, Not Dividing Cells, to Halt Cancer
SUNY Upstate Student's Cancer Research Project Makes Cover of Journal of Biological Chemistry

Weill Cornell Medicine: Vitamin C Halts Growth of Aggressive Forms of Colorectal Cancer in Preclinical Study

Columbia University Medical Center: Toddler's Rare Disease Identified and Treated

Stony Brook University: Research Team Achieves First Image of Molecular Machinery That Copies DNA

otherstudiesOther Studies
New York Medical College: Penghua Wang, Ph. D., Identifies Protein that Fights Intestinal Bug
Columbia University Medical Center: New Study Identifies Better Treatment Option for Some People with Schizophrenia 

Weill Cornell Medicine: Smokers with Normal Lung Function Test May Still be at Risk for Developing Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease
SUNY Downstate: Pregnant Women in Brooklyn Have the Highest Levels Worldwide of Certain Substances Used as Preservatives in Cosmetics

Stony Brook University: Researchers Find Way to Control Heart Waves with Light
Columbia University Medical Center: Blocking Enzymes in Hair Follicles Promotes Hair Growth
NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine: How Did the Giraffe Get Its Long Neck?

Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Berkeley receive $4.25 Million from NIH for Next-Generation Gene Imaging
SUNY Downstate: SUNY Network of Excellence Awards $530,000 to Advance Understanding and Treatment of Brain Injury and Disorders

articlesOther News of Interest
Albert  Einstein  College of Medicine Names New Director of Belfer Institute for Advanced Biomedical Studies

SUNY Downstate's Dr. Nina Schooler discusses new Schizophrenia treatment recommendations on NPR
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