New York News in Research:  April 2016
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Leading Cancer Scientist & Entrepreneur on Research in NY

AMSNY's Under the Lens blog features Dr. Lewis C. Cantley from Weill Cornell Medicine.

Columbia University Medical Center:  Study Finds That Exercise May Slow Memory Loss In Older Adults

The population-based observational study  found that moderate to intense exercise in people over the age of 65 was associated with a slower rate of decline in memory and cognitive function.

University at Rochester Medical Center's Wilmot Cancer Institute Embarks on "First Real Big Test" of Immunotherapy for Lymphoma

Columbia University Medical Center: Urine Test Improves Prediction of High-Grade Prostate Cancer

SUNY Downstate's Dr. Stacy Blain Participates in Project Tackling Cancer Complexity

NYU Langone Medical Center: Age & Gender Influence Risk for Certain Peripheral Vascular Diseases

Columbia University Medical Center: Scientists Generate a New Type of Human Stem Cell That Has Half a Genome

Stony Brook Medicine:  Mechanism that Unwinds DNA may Function Similar to an Oil Rig "Pumpjack"

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Weill Cornell Medicine: GI Tract Bacteria Helps Decrease Stroke

University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences: If You Treat a Parent's Depression, Will Their Child's Asthma Improve?

Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine: PathMaker Neurosystems and Feinstein Institute Announce Initiation of First Clinical Trial of MyoRegulator to Treat Muscle Contraction

Stony Brook Medicine:  New Method to Identify Nanoparticles in Tissue May Shed Light on their Health Impact 

NYU Langone Medical Center: Opioid Relapse Rates Fall with Long-Term Use of Medication for Adults Involved in Criminal Justice System

University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences: Liraglutide Benefits Obese and Overweight Type 1 Diabetics the Most, an Exploratory Study Shows

Weill Cornell Medicine: Stimulants Used to Treat ADHD in Children Associated with Low Bone Density

University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences: What do Concussions Do to Your Body and Brain? UB Study to Focus on Teens

NYU Langone Medical Center Awarded Grant for New Nationwide Initiative to Study Heart Disease in Women

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NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine Students Win Research Excellence Awards