New York News in Research: July  2016
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Four NYC Medical Centers Receive New NIH Precision Medicine Grant

Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) and Weill Cornell Medicine, in collaboration with NewYork-Presbyterian and NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem, have been awarded a grant from the NIH for approximately $4 million in fiscal year 2016 to enroll participants in the  Cohort Program  of President Barack Obama's  Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI)
 - a large-scale research effort to improve our ability to prevent and treat disease based on individual differences in lifestyle, environment and genetics.

NYU Langone Medical Center: New Approach to MRI Links Saturated Fats to Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women

Weill Cornell Medicine: New Gene Therapy Protects Against Peanut Allergy

NYU Langone Medical Center: Genome Project-write to Launch in 2016

NYU Langone Medical Center: New DNA Sequencing Method Reveals How Bacteria Resist Antibiotics

NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine Faculty Present Parkinson's Disease Research at International Conference

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Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Home-Based Intervention Aims to Curb Childhood Tooth Decay and Obesity in the Bronx

SUNY Downstate Biotech Incubator Tenant Develops 'Grow Your Own Bone' Technique

NYU Langone Medical Center: Changes in Bacterial Mix Linked to C-Section, Antibiotics & Formula Persist Through Baby's First Year

Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Living Longer Associated with Living Healthier, Study of Centenarians Finds

Weill Cornell Medicine: Disruption of Intestinal Fungi Leads to Increased Severity of Inflammatory Disease

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Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine Associate Dean for Research and Feinstein Institute CEO Receives Shock Society Scientific Achievement Award

Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Why We Need a Tuberculosis Vaccine (Explained by Whiteboard Animation)