The ability of CRISPR screen to identify synthetic lethal genes, drivers of drug resistance and other targets make the technology a key component of the oncology R&D toolkit. Read this article to learn
  • Why researchers use CRISPR Screen
  • How to run CRISPR Screen
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WuXi AppTec HitS launches the DEL Laboratory in Munich, Germany
This new lab will facilitate the European clients to get access to DEL technology and related research, accelerating the timeline for hit discovery and drug development.
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View this webinar to hear experts from Editas Medicine and WuXi AppTec , share valuable insights on the challenges of utilizing AAV, and discuss in detail, the recent progress and outstanding questions in AAV-based gene therapy.
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Hear our expert, Dave Madge, Vice-President of Research Service Division, review the Enabling Technologies for Bifunctional Molecule Discovery and Characterization :
  • Identification and characterisation of ligands 
  • Mechanistic studies 
  • Pharmacological characterisation 
  • Extending the repertoire of ligases
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Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry 
Join Nuska Tschammer, Head of DEL Lab Operations Europe at WuXi AppTec HitS on our virtual booth, she will be speaking about DEL services and solutions.
Immunology Virtual Partnering
Meet with Dave Madge, Vice-President of Research Service Division to discuss your projects and discover our Immunology platform.
2nd NovAliX Virtual Conference 
Meet us at the 2021 US Virtual Edition to discuss Biophysics in Drug Discovery. This year the topic is : Developing the synergy between biophysics and medicinal chemistry to deliver better drugs.
Cytokine-Based Cancer Immunotherapies Summit 
Join Rosie Hutchings, Director, Research Services Division on our virtual booth to learn more about our capabilities to advance your projects.
AACR Annual Meeting
This year’s AACR annual meeting will be held entirely online over 2 weeks in April and May 2021, but our scientists remain available for consultation at any time. Have an oncology question or project you’d like to discuss? Contact Declan Ryan, Vice President, Research Service Division.
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