Winter 2017

Issue #3
A Note From the Dean of Research

Dr. Mitchell Scheiman
The past six months have been quite productive for Salus University faculty as reflected by publications , presentations , and funding .

A number of researchers have received new funding or a continuation of currently funded research.
  • Dr. G. Richard Bennett received the year two continuation on the currently funded project "Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study (OHTS) 20-Year Follow-Up Clinical Center" via a subaward from Washington University. This three year observational study follows up on the OHTS participants seen from 1993 to 2007. The current year awarded $4,610 for fixed costs in addition to per patient revenue based on examinations performed.
  • Dr. Alexander Dizhoor received $41,363 from the Pennsylvania Department of Health for the project "Experimental Models for Studying Congenital Retinal Diseases." The goal of this 12 month project is to collect data to expand the knowledge on how different parts of the RetGC1 primary structure define the specificity of its binding with regulatory proteins and how mutations in the various RetGC1 domains functionally relate to blindness.
  • Dr. Rameshwar Sharma received a continuation agreement from Boston University to fund the third year of his participation on the NEI funded project "Modulation of Visual Transduction and Retinal Disease by Bicarbonate." This research is to test and characterize a novel mechanism in which bicarbonate affects the visual transduction mechanism in rods and cones by stimulating cGMP synthesis. This agreement provides $136,491 for Dr. Sharma's team to perform all biochemical aspects of the study.
  • Dr. Jingyun Wang received two awards in this reporting period. The first, along with Co-PI Dr. L. Casser, is from the American Optometric Foundation to study the question "Can Prompt Feedback Provided to Students Using 'Poll Everywhere' Improve the Effectiveness of Optometric Education?" $6,000 has been provided to perform this study. The second was her R21 grant application about intermittent occlusion therapy for amblyopia, which was funded by the National Eye Institute (NEI).
  • Dr. Mitchell Scheiman and Dr. Michael Gallaway both received a one-year continuation for the CITT-ART Study. This 5-year, NEI-funded study is designed to investigate the effectiveness of vision therapy for improving reading and attention in children with symptomatic CI.
I am also pleased to report that many faculty members have taken advantage of our new small project funding opportunity and statistical consultation. During this first year we have awarded over $16,000 for seven research studies. In 2017 we just approved 10 more studies. Click here for more.
Please keep these programs in mind and try and take advantage of them in the next academic year.

Mitchell Scheiman, OD, PhD
Featured Researcher /Lab

Principal Investigator: Jingyun Wang, PhD 
Lab Manager: Jamie Fischer, MBA, MA, CHFP
PhD Student: Saeed Al Johani, OD
Clinical Coordinator: Jasmine Campbell, BS

In October 2015, Dr. Jingyun Wang joined Salus University Pennsylvania College of Optometry. She moved her laboratory from Indiana University School of Medicine to the Pennsylvania College of Optometry to conduct studies of pediatric eye diseases. With more than a decade of research experience studying children's eyes, Dr. Wang has developed a unique expertise; she keeps her pediatric patients smiling while she accurately tests their eyes using a variety of non-invasive techniques.

Dr. Wang's primary research goal is to develop better diagnosis and treatment protocols to optimize the visual outcomes of every child affected by eye disease. Her research projects focus on the normal and abnormal development of the retina, refractive errors and visual function in children, especially those with congenital and early onset eye disorders.

Read more about Dr. Wang and her lab.
Office of Research 
Dr. Mitchell Scheiman

Dr. Alexander Dizhoor
Hafter Chair Professor

Dr. Rameshwar Sharma
Distinguished Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dr. Teresa Duda
Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Lydia Parke
Assistant Director,
Research and Administration

Wendy Woodward
Assistant Director, 
Research and Academic Finance

Karen Pollack
CITT-ART Coordinator
Marie Szolna
Coordinator, Research and Academic Finance

The Office of Research now offers statistical support and grant review support to resdearchers. 
If you are thinking about a research project you should always work with a statistician from the very beginning of the planning stage. If you need this support simply contact Dr. Scheiman via email.

If you are interested in pursuing research during your time at Salus, please contact Dean Scheiman at 
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