December 6, 2017
Funding Connection

  • The Department of Energy’s Energy Frontier Research Centers program seeks to accelerate transformative discovery in energy technologies to develop a powerful new generation of tools for understanding and manipulating matter on atomic and molecular scales. 
  • The National Science Foundation Perception, Action & Cognition program funds theoretically motivated research addressing typical human behavior with particular focus on perceptual, motor, and cognitive processes and their interactions. 
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PreAward Services on the move
PreAward Services works with the K-State community to develop competitive proposals. To address our need for additional space that is more compatible with this task, certain PreAward Services staff members will be moving by the end of the year.

  • Anita Fahrny, associate director, and seven grant specialists involved with the provision of proposal development, review, and submission support will be moving to 103 Fairchild Hall. Those moving include Rich Doan, Carmen Garcia, Mollie Hodge, Marisha Eck, Effie Swanson, De Bratton, and the newest member of our team, Gloria Burgert. Our administrative support person, Sharon Zoeller, will also make the move.

  • I will remain in 2 Fairchild Hall, which will continue to be the mailing address for our office and the institutional address of record for sponsored project proposals and awards.

  • Grant and contract negotiation staff will be located in rooms 2 and 14 of Fairchild Hall. These include Lisa Duer, manager, and negotiators Debbie Werth, Andra Bardas, Jenny Danenberg, and Adassa Roe.

  • Subcontracting administrator Rex Goff, project modifications administrator and database manager Cecelia Scaler, and budget analyst and budget modification administrator Timothy McDaniel will remain in 1 Fairchild Hall.

We will develop and circulate an updated staff assignment and location document in the very near future and will hold an open house so all can meet with our personnel and check out their new offices.

—Paul Lowe, associate vice president for research
Events and announcements

Agency news and trending topics
According to  statistics  released this week by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, corn is being pushed aside by a crop that's largely unfamiliar to people outside the farming community – soybeans. The numbers show that for the first time in history, American farmers harvested more acres of soybeans this year than any other crop – 83 million acres. 

The Supreme Court on Monday issued an order permitting the third iteration of the Trump administration’s travel ban to go into full effect. The ban,  announced by presidential proclamation in September , bars all travel by prospective immigrants from six Muslim-majority nations, plus North Korea, while imposing varying entry restrictions or enhanced vetting requirements on nonimmigrant travelers, including visiting students and scholars, from the affected nations.

The NEA is an independent federal agency that works to give people across America the opportunity to participate in and experience the arts.The NEA funds artistic events, concerts, performances, exhibitions and readings, and also awards grants for research on the impact and value of the arts in the United States.

The latest 3D printer ink is alive, thanks to embedded bacteria. That means  3D printers can now make living materials  capable of degrading toxins and facilitating organ transplants.

The 17th-century French tragedian Pierre Corneille wrote: “The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.” He had a point, according to Charles Spence, head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the University of Oxford. The professor’s work focuses on how our brains perceive the world around us. ... So, what’s his advice if you want to impress this holiday season?

Results from two Phase 1 clinical trials show an experimental Zika vaccine developed by government scientists at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, is safe and induces an immune response in healthy adults. 
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