The Global Food Systems Initiative will support the GFS research of four graduate students this summer. These were selected in an open call for proposals that resulted in twenty submissions.

Choosing only four was challenging, but we would like to recognize them for the quality of the work to be carried out. We look forward to reporting on results of these studies:

College of Arts and Sciences:  Michael Miller, doctoral student, PhD candidate working with Dr. Gerad Middendorf, department head and professor of sociology, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work; “The Stories We Tell About Food: Understanding Narratives of Food Environments and Coping with Loss of Food Access." 

College of Engineering: Haripriya Naidu, doctoral student, PhD candidate working with Dr. Alexander Mathews, professor of environmental engineering, Department of Civil Engineering; “Production of Acidulants from Xylose for Food Preservation.”

College of Engineering: Yufei Ao, doctoral student, PhD candidate working with Dr. Landon Marston, assistant professor of civil engineering, and Dr. Nathan Hendricks, associate professor of agricultural economics, College of Agriculture; “Socio-environmental feedbacks between groundwater depletion and farm consolidation: Empirical evidence from the Kansas High Plains."

College of Agriculture: Luciana Nieto, masters student working with Dr. Ignacio Ciampitti, associate professor, cropping systems specialist, Department of Agronomy; “Use of Satellite Imagery Data to Predict Corn Phenology."