Will Future Cars be Driverless, Electric and Shared?

The UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies reveals key influencers and potential impacts of three transportation revolutions — electrification, automation, and shared mobility. What they learned may surprise you.


Research Highlights
Breeding Crops Today for an Uncertain Tomorrow
Plant breeders and engineers at UC Davis are helping crops keep pace with variable weather by using advanced genetic strategies, developing robotic sensors to measure plant performance and training the next generation of breeders.

HDL Composition May Help Predict Health Risks and Design Therapeutics

UC Davis researchers found that not all high-density lipoproteins are alike. The amounts and specific structure of complex sugars called glycans in these particles can powerfully influence the body’s inflammatory and immune responses.


Underwater Robot Used to Predict How and When Ice Shelves Collapse
A robotics team including an engineering professor from UC Davis embarked on an international expedition in Antarctica to take on-site measurements below the polar ice shelves.
Modeling Human Memory and Learning for Machines
A multi-university study led by a neuroscientist at UC Davis, aims to vastly deepen understanding by developing a computer model of how the brain forms, stores and retrieves complex memories. The goal is that the model will have humanlike abilities to remember, understand and learn from events.

 New Type of Insulin-producing Cell Discovered
Biologists have discovered a possible new route to regenerating insulin-producing beta cells, giving insight into the basic mechanisms behind healthy metabolism and diabetes. Eventually, such research could lead to better treatment or cures for diabetes.

Researchers Successfully Demonstrate Gene Editing in Nonhuman Primates

A team of researchers successfully employed CRISPR/Cas9 technology to modify the genes of monkey embryos. The research paves the way for new and more effective models to study targeted therapies.

Innovation News
Startup Signs Agreement to License Novel CT Scanning Technology for Detecting Breast Cancer
UC Davis has signed a licensing agreement providing Isotropic Imaging Corporation the rights to commercialize a novel computed tomography (CT) scanner that has the potential to improve breast cancer detection and positively impact women’s health.

Attacking Cancer with High-Intensity Ultrasound and Immunotherapy
UC Davis researchers have shown that combining high-intensity focused ultrasound with two immunotherapies can produce excellent response rates in mouse models of epithelial cancer. They also found that, for the combination to be effective, immunotherapies must come first.

Telemedicine Saves Patients Time and Money
UC Davis patients avoided millions of miles of driving — and their associated financial and environmental costs — by getting clinical care via videoconferencing, a new study by the UC Davis School of Medicine has found..

Researcher Spotlight
How an Interdisciplinary Team of Researchers Became Interested in the Ethics of CRISPR/Cas-9
Lisa Ikemoto from the School of Law, Meaghan O’Keefe from Religious Studies, Sarah Perrault from the University Writing Program, and Rana M. Jaleel from Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies discuss how they became interested in the ethics of CRISPR/Cas-9, a powerful new gene modification technology that has the capability to change the genome of any living species.

Featured Events

K-8 Programs to Reduce Achievement Gaps: What Works Best?
A lecture by Professor Farkas, whose research has made a major contribution to understanding the school achievement gap for low income and ethnic minority students, and was one of the first to show that the gap emerges in early childhood.
June 1

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International Trade and Investment Policy Under the Trump Administration
Speakers from across the country converge at this one-day conference to assess the implications of the Trump administrations potential trade and investment policies, with the goal of highlighting and accelerating research in this area. 
June 13
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Honors and Awards
UC Davis Tops World Rankings in Veterinary Science
UC Davis held on to its top spot in veterinary science in the latest QS World University Rankings. 

UC Davis Medical Center Named a "Great Hospital in America"
UC Davis Medical Center ranks among the 100 Great Hospitals in America 2017 ,a distinction by  Becker's Hospital Review that recognizes excellence, leadership and innovation in the hospital and health-care industry.

Cell Biologist Jodi Nunnari Elected to National Academy of Sciences
Professor Jodi Nunnari, chair of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology in the College of Biological Sciences, has been elected as a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

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