UC Davis emergency medicine physician Garen Wintemute has played a pioneering role in studying gun violence prevention as a public health problem — even providing $1 million of his personal funds to support the research despite a two-decade nationwide funding drought. Newly approved state funding is expected to advance research to new levels.


Research Highlights
New insights into when and how to screen for breast cancer
While the benefits of mammography remain indisputable for some populations, the evidence for others is less clear and recent changes to the screening guidelines have added to patient confusion. UC Davis researchers provide insight into recent discoveries and emerging technologies.

Researchers temporarily turn off brain area to better understand function

UC Davis researchers demonstrated that turning off an area of the brain changes patterns of activity in other areas. The research opens a new approaches to  determine the sites of pathology in complex disorders such as schizophrenia and autism.

Human-produced carbon dioxide is altering the chemistry of the sea  
Across the planet, oceans are becoming more acidic, creating a pervasive threat to marine life as they absorb increased amounts of human-generated carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere.
Genomics breakthrough paves way for climate-tolerant wine grape varieties
Plant geneticist Dario Cantu uses a new sequencing technology and computer algorithm to produce a high-quality draft genome sequence of the cabernet sauvignon wine grape, the world’s most popular red wine grape variety.

New theory explains for the moon got there
A cataclysmic collision not only created Earth’s moon, but may have also knocked Earth over on its side, according to research published in Nature by Sarah Stewart, professor of earth and planetary sciences. 
Improving dementia care through music 
Researchers from the UC Davis School of Nursing collaborate with the California Association of Health Facilities on a  initiative aimed at improving the lives of residents in skilled nursing facilities who suffer from Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive disorders.

Building a "BugSwarm" database to help fix software glitches 
Software engineering researchers are developing a dramatically new approach to prevent software gltiches by leveraging open-source project information to gather and reproduce hundreds of thousands of software bugs .

Translating recent discoveries for animals
Many health issues—cancer, infectious diseases, cardiology, and more—affect both animals and people in similar ways such that treatments and research breakthroughs impact both. Learn about the latest discoveries from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Innovation News
14 startups based on technologies developed at UC Davis are tackling a range of scientific, medical and societal problems
MUSE Microscopy, one of the startups, is planning to revolutionize the way pathologists identify disease. The company’s technology, jointly developed with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, has the potential to save pathologists time and money.

Team develops new tool to monitor live tumors
The technology provides a real-time view of how tumors grow, invade nearby tissues and recruit blood vessels, allowing researchers to observe the migration of host immune and vascular cells to the tumor site. Equally important, it allows them to monitor experimental treatments.
UC Davis and BASF announce collaboration to develop microencapsulation technology
The technology, developed in the lab of Associate Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Tina Jeoh, protects and improves the performance and delivery of active compounds for broad applications, including industrial, agriculture and cosmetics.


Design Professor Helen Koo receives award for innovation and creative vision
 Helen Koo , an assistant professor in the Department of Design, is the inaugural recipient of the UC Davis Award for Innovation and Creative Vision for her work in wearable technology. The $40,000 award, made possible by the generous support of a UC Davis alumnus and his wife, will support Koo’s research on self-transformable smart clothing for people with movement disorders. The clothing draws on contemporary technology as well as the ancient art of origami.

Researcher Spotlight

Ben Houlton, Director of the John Muir Institute of the Environment 

Houlton joined the John Muir Institute of the Environment in August as the new director. Learn about what fuels his passion and what he sees as being the most fertile opportunities for the institute.

Featured Events

Advancing Pain Relief
The newly established Center for Advancing Pain Relief will host a summit of researchers of varying backgrounds and disciplines to discuss advancing efforts to reduce pain. November 30
Event Information

Cancer Research
Pioneer in precision medicine Alan Ashworth will present a talk on synthetic lethal approaches to cancer therapy. Ashworth was a key part of the team that discovered the BRCA2 gene.  
November 30  
Event information

Proven Solutions to Drought Stress
A two-day workshop bringing together experts in drought management from the United States, Israel, and Australia.
January 12-13
Event Information

Honors and Awards
U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Global Universities” report ranks UC Davis 1st in the world for plant and animal sciences.

Bennet Omalu received the Distinguished Service Award from the American Medical Association for his work in discovering chronic traumatic encephalopathy in NFL players.

John Morrison, professor of neurology at UC Davis, and director of the California National Primate Research Center, has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine, one of the world’s most prestigious scientific bodies.

Distinguished Professor Simon Cherry has received the 2016 IEEE Marie Sklodowska-Curie Award for outstanding contributions to the field of nuclear and plasma sciences and engineering.

Siobhan Brady, assistant professor and plant biologist, has been named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Faculty Scholar.

UC Davis affiliated startups take top spot in four of six categories at the Sacramento Region Innovation Awards ceremony.

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