Interview with Prasant Mohapatra on His New Role as Vice Chancellor for Research

Prasant Mohapatra was recently selected by UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May to serve as vice chancellor for research — taking a leading role over the university’s $847 million research funding portfolio and responsibility for supporting the translation of that research into knowledge and technology to benefit society.

Research Highlights

Large Stretches of Coral Reefs Can Be Rehabilitated
Even after being severely damaged by blast fishing and coral mining, coral reefs can be rehabilitated over large scales using a relatively inexpensive technique, according to a study led by UC Davis, in partnership with Mars Symbioscience.

Ebola Species Found in Bats Ahead of Any Potential Outbreak
For the first time, scientists discovered a new ebolavirus species in a host prior to detection in an infected human or sick animal.
Study Calls for More Regulation to Prevent Youth Access to E-Cigarettes
E-cigarettes may have the potential to reduce smoking, but big tobacco’s involvement and a general lack of restriction to youth access are cause for concern, according to a recent study.

Wheat’s Complex Genome Finally Deciphered, Offering Hope for Better Harvests and Nonallergenic Varieties
Thanks to a decade-long effort, the wheat genome has finally come into sharp focus, speeding the search for genes that could boost harvests and even make wheat less likely to trigger allergies.

Breakthrough in Designing a Better Salmonella Vaccine
Research from an international collaboration has led to a breakthrough in understanding which cells afford optimal protection against Salmonella infection a critical step in developing a more effective and safe vaccine against a bacterium that annually kills an estimated one million people worldwide.

Parent Sensitivity Training Improves Toddler’s Response to Stressful Situations
According to a new study, a parental training program for families referred to Child Protective Services improved toddlers’ unconscious reactions to mildly stressful situations, as well as improving parents’ behavior.

Report Identifies Climate Change Threats and Solutions for the Sacramento Valley
Climate change is expected to make the Sacramento region hotter, drier and increasingly prone to extremes like megadroughts, flooding and large wildfires, but many solutions are available to reduce these threats  — all while growing the local economy.

Innovation News
Record Number of Startups for Fiscal Year 2017-2018
UC Davis enabled the foundation of 16 commercial companies during the fiscal year ending June 30, an all-time high for the university. This brings the total number of startups made possible by UC Davis technologies during the past 10 years to 137. Many of the startups are targeting unmet needs in human health, with new tests, technology platforms and therapeutics for diagnosing, monitoring and treating a wide variety of conditions and diseases.

DNA-ROM: New Grant Aims for Memory Chips Based on DNA
Professor Josh Hihath, in partnership with researchers from two other universities, is trying to fuse biology and electrical engineering and to build new types of electronic memory based on DNA. The team's goal is to create a DNA-based read-only memory (ROM) that can be programmed, read electronically and interface with electronic devices.

Commercialization of Innovative Treatments Aided by STAIR Plus Grants
Three research teams have received STAIR-Plus™ Grants to help demonstrate proof-of-concept and commercial feasibility for their innovations. Now in its second year, the Venture Catalyst STAIR-Plus Grant program is intended to offer additional support to Science Translation and Innovative Research (STAIR™) Grant recipients who have successfully achieved their projected commercialization milestones and are poised for commercial impact pending the completion of specific targeted activities.

Artificial Cells Are Tiny Bacteria Fighters
UC Davis researchers have created "Lego block” artificial cells that can kill bacteria. The cells are built from liposomes, or bubbles with a cell-like lipid membrane, and purified cellular components including proteins, DNA and metabolites. The artificial cells do not grow and divide, but could detect, react to and destroy bacteria in a lab dish.

Researcher Spotlight
Professor Sarah Stewart Named MacArthur 'Genius' Fellow
The MacArthur Foundation has named Sarah T. Stewart, a planetary scientist who has developed novel theories about the formation of the Earth and moon, among the 2018 class of MacArthur Fellows.

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Featured Events
Inaugural Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Symposium
Topics to be covered include artificial intelligence in healthcare, robotics in clinical practice and emerging machine learning technologies.
October 26

5th Annual Human Genomics Symposium
UC Davis Children’s Hospital, UC Davis MIND Institute and UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center will host the fifth annual Human Genomics Symposium, a conference that will bring together medical experts and researchers to discuss recent advances in genomic medicine.
November 16

Citizen Science Association's 2019 Conference
Join us in the City of Oaks to connect with other leaders and learners from many backgrounds. We deepen our own work as we share our diverse perspectives and practices – no matter what we investigate or what we call our efforts.
March 13-17, 2019
Honors, Awards and Achievements
UC Davis Sets Record With $847 Million in Research Funding

UC Davis Ranked 11th Among the 25 Best Colleges in the U.S.

UC Davis Medical Center Again Ranked One of California's Top Hospitals

UC Davis Earns Top 10 Spot in Prestigious Washington Monthly Ranking

UC Davis Ties for 10th in U.S. News & World Report's Annual 'Best Colleges' Ranking

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