Hello friends,

I was taken by surprise this weekend when I checked my calendar and realized that it's already the end of August. Before you know it, the fields will be filled with gorgeous autumn protea and lush, colorful Leucadendron. I have found that a little extra farm maintenance and planning this time of year will put me in a good position for our fall harvest season. The plants are all looking healthy and they're are loaded with buds.
In a few short weeks we will harvest the bulk of our Pink Ice protea to sell by the stem or mixed in bouquets and wreaths, and then the Neriifolia or Minks will start blooming towards the end of September. The difference between the two varieties (in case you don't already know) is the Pink Ice have fuzzy silvery-pink bracts that overlap and a beautiful rose-colored central dome with a splash of wine at the tip. The Neriifolia or Minks have velvety pink bracts with black feathery tips, offering a more exotic flair. The remaining fall protea harvest will include, Red Baron, Brenda, Obtusifolia, Pink Duke, White Owl and Grandicolor.
Let's turn our attention to enjoying flowers indoors. Bringing flowers inside helps bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor space. Their beauty takes the edge off distressing events and makes special occasions extraordinary. Flowers make an emotional impact on us and provide relief and sensitivity. They’re natural and healthful moderators of mood that have an immediate impact on happiness. Covid-19 may have wrenched us out of our sense of normality but nature, its beauty and continuity will help us find ourselves again.
Have a wonderful month of September! Stay safe and enjoy the last of the summer season!
 Happy Labor Day!