Hello friends,

Many of the protea plants here on the farm are in full bloom, and I sense they know that fall is finally upon us as the mornings and evenings are slowly taking on a slight chill! Like me, I’m sure they’re all are looking forward to cooler temperatures and putting the summer’s heatwaves behind us.

Our premier protea right now is the Pink Ice... what a hardy bloom (especially when the mercury is rising)! I find myself always reaching for them when putting together bouquets during this time of the year. The beautiful silvery-pink bracts and rose-colored central dome with that splash of wine at the tip is hard to resist. This week, we’ve also started harvesting the Grandicolor. Perfect for fall designs. Its cream-colored bracts deepen to tan at the base and have a delicate pink furry-like rim surrounding rusty centers. The egg-shape foliage has a silvery-green hue and the stems are long and straight. It’s definitely protea season, and there will be plenty more varieties for you to enjoy in the months to come.

I’m looking forward to some fun activities we’re currently planning for October… like a special Protea Fest on Saturday the 17th at the Old Town Temecula Farmers’ Market. Plus, many of you have been asking about a wreath making workshop. So, we’ve decided to head on over to the Fallbrook Pumpkin Patch and make that happen on Sunday, October 18th. We’ll be updating our website’s event page and sharing more about these activities as well as a few others on Facebook and Instagram soon.

I am thrilled to hear that CAGROWN has declared October as California Grown Farmer and Farmworker Month! Farmers and their employees have worked nonstop through the pandemic, as we’ve all been considered essential workers. Farms are implementing new safety measures and ensuring that food and flowers continue to flow throughout our country and beyond. I can’t think of a better month than October to celebrate the bounty of products grown here in California and all the farmers and farmworkers who harvest it!
Stay safe and enjoy the month of October!