June 26, 2020
Hello Eastmoor Members!

If you feel like us, June has flown by--and we're excited for July! Unfortunately, we are unable to host our traditional 4th of July games this year, but the pool will be open for enjoyment.

Before we get to pool specifics, we wanted to let you know that the Eastmoor Board will have four positions to be filled at the end of the summer: Vice President, Operations, Communications, and Secretary. We are finalizing the descriptions for each position and will release that in an upcoming newsletter, but if you're interested in any position, please hit "reply" on this newsletter sand we'll get you the information.

The reservation protocol from last week—laid out below—will remain the same. One important note: We have to manually turn on every open slot at 7 pm. It is not automated. So when we say reservations open at 7 pm, please be patient, knowing that all available slots will be open 10-20 minutes after that.

Three great improvements for this week:
We've added a fifth slot for Open Swim on Fridays: 6:45-8:30, starting July 3.

We're adding two lounge chairs to each Zone ; these will be in place by Monday.

★ If you'd like to bring a swim noodle to use at the pool for Open Swim, that is allowed. Rafts and other large floatation devices are still not allowed.

★ We need to call attention to the cancellation policy; failure to cancel a reservation will result in your ability to pre-book reservations for the following week. Please read carefully below; we are beginning to enforce this policy this week.


Friday, June 26 at 7 pm-Sunday, June 28 at noon:
Everyone may make ONE reservation for OPEN SWIM, and only ONE.
  • If you book a second reservation during this window, it will be canceled without notice.
  • Senior/At-Risk, Masters, and Lap Swim do not count toward your one Open Swim reservation.

Sunday, June 28 at noon:
Anyone may make ONE additional reservation for OPEN SWIM.
  • If you have already booked a weekend slot, you may only book a weekday slot.
  • Subject to availability; not everybody will get a second slot.

One hour before any reservation window:
Anyone may book if spots are open. This will help us to fully utilize the club during each reservation window. 
  • Example: You have already booked 1-2 spots for the week and it is 2 pm on Tuesday. There is open availability for the 3-4:45pm Tuesday session. You may book this. 
  • There is no limit on the number of reservations you can book under the one-hour-prior window.
  • NOTE: You still MUST have a reservation in the system before you come to the pool. No walk-ins allowed.

No-shows are becoming an issue and prevent other members from using the pool.

You must cancel each reservation for each individual in your party at least 1 hour prior to your reservation. This policy includes all sessions: Open Swim, Masters Swim, Lap Swim and Senior/At-Risk Swim.

IMPORTANT: Failure to cancel your reservations will result in losing your ability to pre-book reservations for the following week.
We will be contacting people via email who fail to cancel.

Two notes:
  1. You may still get a same-day reservation under the one-hour-prior umbrella.
  2. This policy does not apply when the pool is temporarily closed for weather.

These reservation directions explain how to cancel individual reservations; if you have any questions after looking at the document, please email swim.eastmoor@gmail.com.

  • EACH member in your family must have their own reservation. The concept of a family reservation does not exist. If four people are coming to the pool, you must have four reservations. There will be no exceptions. These new reservation directions explain how to book individual reservations.

  • A quick recap: Book one reservation between 7 pm on Friday and noon on Sunday. At noon on Sunday, if there are remaining spots, you can grab one more. One hour before any reservation block with open spots, you may reserve a spot, even if you've had two (or more!) visits that week.

Questions? We're here to help. Email us at swim.eastmoor@gmail.com.

New for 2020: Bring Your Own Can (BYOC) Top Dog Doubles is a co-ed program for adults of all abilities (2.5-4.5). You will be assigned a starting court and partner and will play 30 minute rotations. If you win, you move up a court and select a new partner. Lose? Go down a court and also play with a new partner.

Fridays, starting June 26: Warm-up at 5:30; play begins at 5:45
Register on the Kourts App ; $8/person
If you forget a can of balls, you can buy them at Eastmoor ($4/can).

90 minute drills: 30 minutes of fed drills followed by 60 minutes of live ball play. 
In addition to getting plenty of reps in, modern stroke techniques will be introduced along with tactical match play advice.  

Beginner/Lower Intermediate (2.5-3.0 players): 8:30-10:00 am
Advanced (3.5+ players): 10:15-11:45 am
$25; limited to 12 adults per session; register on  the Kourts App
Instructors: Ken Tronco & Erik West

The ball machine is now available for use. Please book either court 1 or 3 to use it; power is located next to the tennis bathroom. 

The ball machine is located in a locked shed on court 3. The code is 1972. Please be sure to use the hopper provided when picking up balls.

The sport court located behind court 5 and 6 now has a pickleball net with lines indicating the kitchen. Please reserve the court using the Kourts App and bring your own equipment.

Not sure what Pickleball is? It has potential for the next Olympic sport. Check it out .

Aquatics Director: Jill Bowman
Swim Reservation Help: swim.eastmoor@gmail.com

Head Pro: Ken Tronco

Network: Eastmoor-Guest 2.4 and 5.0
Password: Eastmoorguest