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February, 2024

In this issue of Kingswords:

  • Message from Cheryl Winship
  • Interview with Ginny Stevenson
  • Financial Assistance and Mentorship
  • Annual Fund Drive Thank You
  • Upcoming Volunteering Opportunities
  • Spring Farmhouse Rentals

Nature: Resetting Our Emotional Balance

Message from Cheryl Winship, KW Director 

Last summer I was walking down the main camp road past Oasis and a cool wind blew in and aroused my senses as the refreshing cool air hit my arms and face. With it came the scent of white pine and fresh cut grass. Life was good! A few minutes later cold rain fell and it startled my senses, unsettling me. Negative thoughts invaded my head space. Five more minutes and I would have been under shelter.  


Nature has a way of altering our plans. This is when it occurred to me that our climate- controlled houses, airconditioned work places, and auto start on our cars make it so we live in neutral - never having to be too hot, or too cold for that matter, and certainly never wet. Yet, to combat anxiety and depression we are to startle our senses by biting on ginger, smelling lavender oil, and placing our hands in ice water. Nature provides these delights and distresses for all of our senses. It is a natural balm for our emotional regulation.  


So let’s all get out in nature even in the winter! Go for a walk near your home and embrace the cold while dreaming of summer days to come. Days filled with the smells of summer rain, the taste of wild blueberries, and the feel of cool lake water. 


How's Ginny?

Long time camper Geri Mariano recently caught up with Ginny Stevenson over the phone for an interview. Ginny is our cherished former program director and is among the top 10 Kingswood enthusiasts. Enjoy their conversation.

Ginny's time at Kingswood predates our digital library, if you have photos to share send them to [email protected]. Lynn will add them to the post.

Conversation with Ginny

Financial Assistance and Mentorship

Kingswood is for everyone. If there is a financial need, we want to help make a Kingswood vacation possible. There's a short form linked below.

We also want people to have a positive, safe first experience at Kingswood. If you want someone to help you plan your trip and support you while you're at Kingswood, let us know.

Financial Assistance
Mentor Request

Thank You!

ice cream

We greatly appreciate our community's generosity during our annual appeal. Monetary donations and commitment to volunteering keep us affordable to all and helps us to be good stewards of the property.

Electronic Donations

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Before you know it, we will be preparing the property for the camping season. Set Up weekend is a great way to introduce your children and grandchildren to volunteering. We have a weekend dedicated to taking care of our trails. Just before camp, volunteers work on the weekdays leading up camp opening on 6/28 to ready each site for the season. If you have questions, reach out to Lynn at [email protected] or text/call 607-301-0640. 

Listing of Volunteer Dates

Can't Wait to Return

If you can't wait to return, consider renting the farmhouse this upcoming spring. You have the entire camp available for your family's or group's recreation.

Farmhouse Rental

Quinipet Camp & Retreat Center is our sister camp located on Shelter Island. Quinipet offers day and overnight summer camp for children ages 5-16 and retreat space for groups. Quinipet also offers pastoral retreats at no charge to active NYAC ministers.

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Kingswood is owned and operated by the New York Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.

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