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The Grey House Guide to Homeland Security Resources
"Delivers a perspective of this complex organization that few could duplicate. Every level of this organization is described with a clarity and brevity that is refreshing... a must have for anyone who is a preparedness service/product provider, or engaged in emergency response, business continuity and disaster recovery planning.”
Emergency Management & Protection
This 15th edition of  The Grey House Guide to Homeland Security Resources  offers current, comprehensive data on the thousands of agencies and individuals in charge of homeland security, at both Federal and State levels. It also includes detailed profiles of private sector companies that provide products and services to the homeland security industry. This combined approach, with 5,391 listings and 11,161 key executives, has made this the most comprehensive resource available on homeland security since the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.

This must-have directory provides immediate access to thousands of up-to-date contacts, organizations and services, including:
Federal Agencies – provides immediate access to contacts at the Department of Homeland Security, its Directorates, and relevant branches of the Federal Government.
April 2020
ISBN: 978-1-64265-460-8
Price: $225
Manufacturers & Suppliers – details over 3,000 companies that manufacture products and provide services of value to the homeland security industry, including not only new technology such as biometrics, but also those companies who play a significant role in improving existing technology such as access control.

Industry Resources – details hundreds of important Associations, Periodicals, Trade Shows & Seminars, Directories, Databases, and more.  These contacts are critical for networking and information gathering in all aspects of the Homeland Security field.

Whether in print or online, this directory is a necessary acquisition for all public libraries, university libraries, and safety or security collections and is a must-have resource tool for those researching available services and products in the Homeland Security field.
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