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October 2020
Dear Electronics Colleague -

Halloween, in addition to being a favorite of kids, has become a real favorite adult holiday. With social distancing, mask wearing and not being in tight enclosed spaces (like someone's porch yelling trick or treat) I am sure Halloween will look different this year.

Below is one of the creative Halloween masks I have seen that tells us about what is going on.

Happy trick or treating!
Dan Patten
Only a few dates remaining in 2020 for 
BEST's Mobile Training Center 
The BEST mobile training center brings solder training to you in the form of a fully-outfitted mobile training center. All of the equipment including soldering stations, microscopes, fume extraction, ESD flooring and all of the required  hand tools are part of the equipment found inside the lab on wheels. In addition there are screens at the workstations to see a magnified view of the instructor demos. Students are kept comfortable in the climate-controlled space.  This is the perfect way to eliminate the students' need to travel. The number of dates available in 2020 are down to only a few open weeks. Contact JL at jl@solder.net to discuss your requirements and secure one of the few time slots still open.
Fast turn, high quality SMT Stencils

Do you need a reliable, high quality source for your SMT stencil requirements? BEST Inc. offers a full line of metal stencils including different frame sizes and types, different frameless configurations as well as having many thicknesses on hand. BEST has standardized on a high quality stainless material which has superior release properties.  
Call Chris at
224-387-4302 or send your files  to cedwards@solder.net 
in order to give BEST a try. 
High Quality BGA Rework

High yield BGA rework requires experience, highly-skilled technicians and the right equipment. BEST has been reworking BGAs for over 20 years and has the experience you are looking for. Our skilled technicians use customer designed rework stencils, and utilize many different types of rework tools produced in-house in order to provide the right "know how" for your BGA rework project.  Call Laura at 224-387-3255 or send your files  to Lripoli@solder.net 
in order to see how we can be of service.
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