We have a lot of super fun events planned for this fall: camps, parties and open gyms! Check out all of these awesome events and make sure to register early by calling the gym at 952-898-3889.

Preschool Events:

These special events were created with your pre-schooler in mind. Join us every Friday morning for their special Open Gym! And, bring them to celebrate the upcoming holidays with these special holiday parties. All are jam-packed with fun games, crafts, snacks, open gym time, a bounce house, and are themed for each holiday.

Call the gym at 952-898-3889 to pre-register

(NO need to pre-register for Pre-School Open Gym)

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Other Events & Camps:

Date night? Need to get some shopping done? Want some time to yourself on a Friday evening? We have you covered! You do you while your kids have an awesome time at our popular Parent's Night Out parties!

These parties are for the older kids (ages 4 & up) and are filled with games, crafts, open gym time, gymnastics, and a fun pizza dinner. Each party will be themed for that holiday.

Call the gym at 952-898-3889 to pre-register for the parties or click the button to register for the Camps.

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Our Winter Break Day Camp is one of our most popular events around! School is out, the kids are filled with excitement and energy...Let them get the 'ants out of their pants' during this awesome day camp! We will entertain them with gymnastics, open gym time, holiday themed crafts, snacks, and movies. Choose from our full-day or half-day camp. We are looking forward to celebrating the holidays with your kids!

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Anna Halling

Was the big winner of our Fall Festival drawing.

Anna and her child won one month FREE in the class of her choice!

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Benefits of Gymnastics for Boys

Boys benefit from gymnastics in so many important ways. Your son might not want to be the next Olympic gymnast, and that's fine... the benefits gymnastics will provide your son will carryover to so many other aspects of their life, and for their entire lifetime.

Many of the benefits of gymnastics are NOT related to learning gymnastics skills, but to the vital developmental skills that will help your son become a better athlete, student and young man.

Here are a few of these great benefits you will see in your son through his gymnastics experience and training:

Self Confidence

Through the challenge of learning gymnastics skills, your son will gain confidence with each new skill.

Being encouraged by his classmates & coaches through his achievements & yes, through his failures too, you will see his self confidence soar. His improved self confidence will transfer to all other areas of his life including school.


Gymnastics training helps to develop better coordination, body awareness, and body movement. For a young boy, a great deal of their self confidence comes from how coordinated they are. Young boys can be very self-conscious about their physical abilities, and coordination can be more physical rather than mental. Gymnastics will greatly improve your son's coordination.


We all assume that gymnastics will help with flexibility. We see the gymnasts doing incredible things that require a great deal of flexibility. But let's talk about how the many benefits of becoming more flexible will help your son.

Imagine your son at 1st base and making that stellar catch because of his great 1st base stretch! Have you seen a football kickers kick? Their toes go way over their head... that's a result of flexibility. A wide receiver is able to match those fabulous catches from having outstanding spatial awareness!

All other sports benefit from increased flexibility. And, did you know that being more flexible will help your son limit his injuries? Yep! That is a proven fact; being flexible does help to limit injuries.

Gymnastics is the best way to teach your son flexibility.

Strength Development

The skills your son will learn in gymnastics will quickly develop their core strength along with their upper body and legs. The strength and flexibility gained will benefit your son in all other sports. What boy doesn't want 6 pack abs and to be strong?


Gymnastics is a very difficult sport. The boys have to work very hard to learn the skills. Their hard work will teach them that the more they put into their training, the more they will get out of it. Striving to gain a skill they really want to be able to do helps to develop determination to keep going. And, let's face it, as parents, the greatest thing we can give or teach our son is a good work ethic and determination.

Social Skills & Listening Skills

Gymnastics will give your son a chance to learn about social skills such as listening, following directions, taking their turn, being quiet, respecting others, and many more.

Being in gymnastics class also gives your son an opportunity to make new friends and interact with other boys. It's a great opportunity to get those phones out of their hands and get them away from screen-time while giving them time to improve their well-being.

Self-Discipline, Politeness, & Teamwork

Following the rules in his gymnastics class will teach your son to be self-disciplined. Children thrive in an environment with rules and routine.

Gymnastics classes are a very controlled and a disciplined environment for safety. This will help your son to practice self-discipline in school and other aspects of his life.

Politeness is also taught in gymnastics classes such as taking their turn, listening, being polite to the instructor and other students during class.

While in class, students are encouraged to support their fellow classmates during performances and practice. This will give your son a great lesson in teamwork and supporting others.

Physical Fitness & Strength Building

We live in a world with increasing numbers of obese children and obese adults. Physical fitness is CRUCIAL to the current and future health of our children. Gymnastics classes are full of activities that will make your son more fit and help keep them healthy. You have them in the right place if fitness is important to you and your family.

Maybe you are seeing that your son is not excelling in a sport. Maybe your son is a little more awkward, a bit weaker, getting just a bit overweight from lack of exercise, not very flexible... all of these aspects and more will be helped with gymnastics classes.

If you want to see your son progress, to get stronger, and keep up with the other boys, gymnastics is your answer!

Performing (& Speaking) In Front Of People

While in gymnastics classes, the students will practice their skills in front of other students which will help to get them used to “performance” and will make performing or speaking in front of others easier which will help to relieve that "stage fright" that so many children suffer from.

The confidence that is instilled in gymnastics students aids them in their school activities. They typically are no longer hesitant to speak up in class and are one of the first to raise their hand to answer questions or volunteer.

DID YOU KNOW? Trent Brown, current Offensive Tackle for the Raiders, was in gymnastics before his NFL football career!

"The most important thing that gymnastics will teach you is about the center of balance." ~Trent Brown

If you are not convinced yet to enroll your son in a gymnastics class, try out our FREE TRIAL CLASS and come see for yourself. And, you will soon see why IGM Gymnastics was voted


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