January 2019

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Water efficiency tip 

Don't use running water to thaw food. For water efficiency and food safety, defrost food in the refrigerator. 

Reserve your Garden In A Box today
Thinking about spring already? Sign up today to get on the wait list for your own Garden In A Box. The do-it-yourself, easy to install, water-wise garden kits go on sale in March. A limited number of discounts are available to Centennial Water customers on a first-come, first-served basis. So sign up today and you will be notified when the gardens go on sale.
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Colorado Water: Live Like You Love It
Colorado WaterWise is a local non-profit concerned about water efficiency in Colorado. Its current campaign, Colorado Water: Live Like You Love It, encourages water conservation in every aspect of your life. Click the logo to play a video and learn more.

H2Own It
Water is an important natural resource and with the growing population in Colorado, it becoming more and more scarce in our state. It is up to every individual to take steps to help conserve water, in turn helping to ensure there is enough water for the future.
H20wn It is an initiative of Resource Central, a local non-profit dedicated to conserving water, reducing waste and conserving energy in Colorado. Resource Central is also a partner of Centennial Water. Sign up to get tips, rebates and more from H2Own It and learn how you can take action to help conserve water.     
Customers will see a rate increase in 2019
Water and wastewater rates for Centennial Water customers will be increasing an estimated $59 annually in 2019. This is an estimated increase of 6.4 percent for a typical single family customer.
"Centennial Water has a large, intricate system with aging infrastructure. With a seven-year, $175 million capital plan, we're staying on top of the upgrades and new projects needed to meet demands, and to ensure we comply with federal and state regulations, said Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent Peter Bong. "These projects are the first major improvements to the wastewater and water treatment plants since their original construction more than 30 years ago."
For more information about the increase, contact finance@highlandsranch.org.