Denise Palmisano
October 11, 2017
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How would your life be different if you consistently showed up in your life with heightened and sustained levels of
clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence?

Do you or your business need a boost?
 "Essential" elements and skills for creating and living an extraordinary life.
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YIKES! Where has the year gone?
I am sure you can relate that life does get busy from time to time. Whether you are able to maintain your regular routine or get pulled off track when things get a little kooky, it's always a good practice to stop and check in to reset, realign, refocus and recommit.       
The last quarter of the year is the perfect time to build in this process as a habit. See you on the other side! 
I invite you to read the main article below and join me and other amazing individuals in this thing we call the journey of life. 
If you would like to work with me individually, I am currently booking new clients. My calendar fills up quickly so don't wait too long to complete a contact form on the main page of my website. I will contact you promptly. http://www.empoweringpotential.com/ 

You can also visit the tools/resources page of my website for a few self-study options.

Love & hugs,
Denise Palmisano, CHPC, C.I.C.P.
Certified High Performance Coach
Certified Integrative Coach Professional 
(985) 860-8861

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Reset - Realign - Refocus - Recommit 

It i s not uncommon to get off track and get caught up in the "doing" of our lives.  It is important that we learn to design and implement practices that keep us moving in the direction we want to go in with enough energy to experience, enjoy and appreciate the journey.  
You know what they say, if you don't use it, you lose it.

Reset - This is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and get present to this moment in time. You can't change the past but you can create the future. Is there any judgment or belief you will have to let go of or or change to be available to envision a bright new future? What new belief will support you in taking advantage of this new opportunity to recreate what is next in your life?

Realign - Identify what is important to you about the situation or area of life that you want to make a change in or enhance. What will be the thoughts, words and actions that are in alignment with the result or experience you want to create?

Refocus - Remove the internal and external clutter, distractions and obstacles calling for your attention. Focus on what you want not what you don't want. Keep the energy and attention flowing in that direction.

Recommit - Put it on paper. Lay out your plan, goals, structures and actions that will accomplish your goals, projects and dreams. Tell a friend, mentor or coach what you are wanting to create and be held accountable by yourself and the people in your life that are counting on you to show up for them.

If you want any additional support for how to make this happen check out two new fall offers.
Living Fully Expressed - group course starting Oct. 23
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High Performance Coaching -
How would your life be different if you consistently showed up in your life with heightened and sustained levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence? 
 If you would like an expanded conversation about your specific situation, goal or plan, don't hesitate to contact me at 985-860-8861 or denise@empoweringpotential.com.

I will be sharing many exciting projects and activities in 2017. Check my calendar often for updates. Details are unfolding. 


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Denise Palmisano, CICP
Denise Palmisano, CHPC, C.I.C.P.
Certified High Performance Coach 
Certified Integrative Coach Professional
(985) 860-8861
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