~ July 1, 2021 ~
Aspen Ideas Festival
"What are the implications of a reinvigorated climate agenda for everyday Americans, and how will it be deployed across the nation? Which technologies should be adopted ASAP to actually get our grid to net zero? And how could a new era of stakeholder capitalism firmly uphold our climate goals for which failure isn’t an option?"
Harvard Business Review: Kahlil Greene
What do new graduates want business to know, and do, about diversity, activism, corporate culture and more?
"The alternative is that we lose everything.” How can business, government and communities work together to adapt for sustainable change? (also see The Heat Wave in Portland and Seattle Is a Warning)
The American Prospect: Robert Kuttner
"How strange that one of the worst domestic catastrophes in a century has opened the door to new and affirming possibilities.” How do post-Covid labor market conditions increase workers’ "options both for exit and for voice”?
Project Syndicate: Tom Brookes, Gernot Wagner
How can economic thought navigate the limits of theory as it comes up against the pressures of reality?
This leading producer of business case studies has turned over a new leaf on protagonist diversity. What more can management education do, both in and out of the classroom, to "reflect the full, rich diversity of human talent”?
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