Champaign-Urbana Friends & Allies  of Immigrants & Refugees
Resettlement Updates!

Saturday, July 22 Move Re-Scheduled!
Please watch for updates on rescheduled move.

Thanks to the continued outpouring of generosity from
our supporting faith-based and community groups and from
caring giving individuals like YOU -- our new refugee friends and neighbors are settling into their new lives in our community.

One of our new neighbors called our community "heavenly Urbana"!

Please scroll down for ongoing  needs of new immigrants & refugees!
YOUR help is still needed with the following:

  • We need transportation volunteers who are willing to provide occasional transport for our immigrant and refugee friends and neighbors to appointments for medical care, social security, cultural and social events, etc.  If you are willing to be added to our transport team, please CLICK HERE and let us know.
  • We're still seeking job leads for other immigrants with which we're working.  The English skills of these men are developing and they are willing to do any work available.  They have their Social Security cards.  Their immediate focus is finding sufficient hours of work such that they can earn enough money to support their families and to become self-sufficient.  If you have leads for possible employment for these men, please CLICK HERE and let us know.
  • We also need donations for annual bus passes for seven (7) members of our newly arrived Afghan and Iraqi families.  Each annual bus pass costs $84.  Donations have been received for (two) 2 annual bus passes.  Thanks for these generous donations!  That means that we need an additional $420 to buy bus passes for the remaining five (5) people.  Having an unlimited bus pass gives our new friends and neighbors an important tool in moving from dependency to complete self-sufficiency.  
  The mission of CUFAIR is to provide resettlement services to immigrants & refugees to support them in moving from dependency to complete self-sufficiency.  Your financial support is essential for our work to continue.
CUFAIR is now designated as a non-profit 501(c)(3)
so all donations are tax deductible.