April 2019
Want a S'Mores Party at Camp?!?!
We want every Scout in your Troop to join us for Summer Camp! To help encourage more of the Scouts to attend camp, we are offering a S'Mores Party to any Troop that brings 80% or more of the registered Scouts in their Troop to camp with them!

Click below to learn more about the delicious offer. Don't miss-out on the fun - Encourage your Scouts to come to camp!
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Pre-Camp Leaders' Meetings
April 28th at Resica Falls
May 1 at Valley Forge Middle School
The Pre-Camp Leaders Meeting is our chance to relay important information about your upcoming Summer Camp experience including reviewing new programs, changes to past procedures, health/medical information, and talking about ways to prepare your Scouts so your week in camp is a great experience for everyone.

The Leader's Meeting at Resica Falls on April 28th will begin at noon at the Dining Hall, and the Leader's Meeting at Valley Forge Middle School will begin at 7pm in the Auditorium.

Pre-Camp Questionnaire
To make your time at Resica Falls as enjoyable as possible, we'd like to have each unit attending camp complete the Pre-Camp Questionnaire. This important forms helps us prepare for your time in camp and will help us provide excellent customer service for all units in camp! Complete the Pre-Camp Questionnaire Here.
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Resica Troop T-Shirt Program
We are proud to once again provide the Troop T-Shirt Program to units for the Resica Summer Camp season. The shirt highlights this year’s theme, Jurasic Falls with a full chest design on a high-quality, heavy-duty light blue shirt.

Your will be packaged and delivered when you arrive in camp, with no extra hassles or shipping fees.
LEADERS - Help your Scouts plan their Summer Camp by pre-registering for Merit Badge classes prior to camp, Besides organizing their efforts, online sign-ups secure your position in classes that have limited attendance sizes. Merit Badge pre-requisites and schedules are available in the Program Guide. Both the guide and sign-up instructions are in the Important Documents Section at ResicaFalls.org
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