FEBRUARY 18, 2019
Now Available
Leaders' and Program Guides Updated
The 2019 editions of the Resica Falls Leaders' Guide and Program Guide are now available. The Leaders Guide is your most important source of information about Summer Camp at Resica. For ease of use take advantage of the table of contents. Throughout the Guide, new or updated information for 2019 has been highlighted.

The Program Guide has been updated to help you plan your activities in camp. Check out the Merit Badges available and their schedules, as well as all the other unique activities.
Take Note
PreCamp Leaders' Meeting Rescheduled
Due to the rescheduling of the Cradle of Liberty Council's Annual Dinner, the April 29th Resica Falls Precamp Leaders' meeting has been changed to May 1st. The location of the meeting has not changed, it will still be held at the Valley Forge Middle School.

$50 per Scout Deposit Due March 1st
A $50 per Scout deposit is due at the Cradle of Liberty Council on March 1st. Once this deposit has been submitted, Units can begin registering their Scouts for Merit Badges. Make sure your Scouts are first in line for classes or activities that have attendance limits. Details about Merit Badge class sizes and scheduling are listed in the 2019 Resica Program Guide. Download the Merit Badge Signup Instructions.
Have all the Scouts in your Unit registered for Resica
If you bring 80% of the registered Scouts in your unit to camp, we'll supply you with all the s'more fixings for a fun night around the campfire in your campsite. See how we can help your Unit promote attendance.
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