December 1, 2020

Dear Clients, Families and Team Members:

Here is today's COVID updates, section by section.

We had 1 additional resident at the West Campus test positive today. We will do a re-test of all clients on Thursday, December 3rd to determine if and how much it has spread to other clients.

All activities, wellness, community dining, etc., is paused until further notice.

We completed repeat testing on all clients at the East Campus today. We are thrilled to report that no additional clients tested positive today! We are required to repeat every 3-7 days for 14 days until all negative; this means we will repeat again next Monday or Tuesday at the East Campus.

Visits, communal dining, other activities are still paused until further notice.

We are resuming Wellness on a 1-1 basis at the East Campus only.

After follow-up testing in the South Campus today, all residents tested NEGATIVE. Every client has now tested negative for 14 days. This is incredible news!

Essential Caregivers ALL CAMPUSES are PAUSED until further notice.

Staff are being tested a minimum of 1x/week, and more often if needed due to symptoms, possible exposures, etc.

Current Overall COVID cases:

  • West Campus Active # of Residents COVID+ as of today: 8 active cases
  • East Campus Active # of Residents COVID+ as of today: 2 active cases
  • South Campus Active # of Residents COVID+ as of today: 0 active cases
  • Staff Active # COVID+ as of today: 1 active cases

Please know that we are taking all actions we can to prevent the risk of further transmission of COVID-19. We are screening staff before their shift, creating isolation areas, wearing PPE, on-going education, cleaning and disinfecting frequently, limiting visitation, utilizing telehealth, etc.

If you have any general questions, please contact one of our nurses. 

Your support and trust in our care means the world to us. Your loved ones are the reason we are fighting our hardest to keep COVID out of Serenity. We love them very much.

Tim & Elaine Anderson
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