Washington Mortgage Bankers Association Friends and Family,
I’m reaching out today to share with you a call for help from our friends at the Master Builders Association, the Building Industry Association of Washington along with the entire Washington Residential and multi-family Construction industry.
As you are all aware we as the Mortgage Industry have been fortunate enough to be included as a Essential activity by our Governor Jay Inslee.
Our builder partners have not been as lucky and are still waiting to be included and listed by the Governor’s office. Last week the Department of Homeland Security designated the construction of single family and multifamily housing as an “Essential Infrastructure Business”. See this link:
I’m reaching out both as a partner organization that directly supports the housing industry, and that this industry shutdown has a direct effect on our WMBA members on multiple levels. The longer the builders cannot complete or construct homes, the longer our industry will be extending locks. This adds extensions and real charges, such as hedge costs or other real charges to our member organizations.  
This also effects our members that partake in the Builder Financing business. This financing is deeply impacted based on the customers being out of work and projects being delayed which can cause carry costs and liquidity issues within the builder market.
I’m reaching out to help our builders, partners, residential construction and multifamily builders and businesses.
I have attached a template provided by the Master Builders that has been changed a bit and can be customized by yourself if you want to vote with your voice and be heard for this industry.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email, rally on behalf of our builder partners and to help ourselves and business partners.
Please be safe and know we are here to protect the health, safety and livelihood of our members.
Have a great day.
Robert Lipston
President | Washington Mortgage Bankers Association

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Email update from the BIAW
Master Builders Association Call to Action
Governor Construction Letter template
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Thank you!
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