Washington County Ranch
Overlooking a quiet pond and a vast stretch of gently rolling fields, Washington County Ranch was designed to promote a connection to the outdoors. The main living area frames a central courtyard, and large bi-folding doors open the living room out to the porch, pool and native landscape. To see more photos of Washington County Ranch, click here.
Rollingwood Residence
Sited on the edge of a hill in an urban Austin neighborhood, Rollingwood Residence was designed to frame the surrounding woods. The home steps with the sloping hillside, giving the north and east facades sweeping views to an expansive green space. To see more photos of Rollingwood Residence, click here.
Marfa Ranch
Designed to withstand a dry, high desert climate, Marfa Ranch features 24” thick rammed earth walls that absorb heat during the day and radiate it back at night when temperatures drop considerably. Currently under construction, these distinct earthen volumes create shelter with a strong elemental connection to the beautiful desert landscape.
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