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Recycling and waste collections
We've updated the household recycling and waste collection timetable for June.
You can find out more online .
Visiting Stafferton Way with your waste
Residents of each ward are able to visit the Household Waste and Recycling Centre on two days of the week.

Please only make a trip if you are unable to store your additional waste at home. The health of residents and staff is always the highest priority, so everyone visiting the reopened sites will be expected to observe the new social distancing measures that have been put in place.

Things to remember when visiting the Stafferton Way site: 

Place your advantage card and driving licence or another proof of address on your dashboard for crews to see.

  • We will accept garden waste, wood, cardboard, bulky items and black household waste.
  • Staff are unable to help you move waste from your vehicle.
  • White goods (washing machine, refrigerator, etc.), plasterboard, clothes and paint will not be accepted at this time as the disposal routes required for these are still currently closed.
  • Only cars will be allowed on the site.
  • There will be limits on the number of vehicles allowed on site to allow for social distancing. There may be delays accessing the site and possibly queues of waiting vehicles.
  • In line with Public Health England guidance, residents who are vulnerable, or who are showing symptoms which may indicate coronavirus, should not visit household recycling centres.

The site will be open from 8am-8pm, Monday to Sunday. Residents should visit on a set day depending on which ward they live in.
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