We're looking toward fall and the end of the year, with our efforts focused on continuing to provide the best food possible for those in need in Loudoun. We hope you and your family are safe and well. Community members like you are the backbone behind the nourishment, support and hope that is helping our neighbors during this challenging time.

We want you to hear directly from some of the neighbors you've helped. These are just a few words from people who have written notes, stopped to talk during service or called to express thanks for the food. The common theme is the power of good food to fuel the body, mind and spirit with hope and resiliency.

"I just called to say thank you for all you guys are doing. The people in parking lot are always so nice and we just really need the food right now, especially the fresh stuff. It really helps"

"My teenage boys are always hungry - because they are teenagers, and I lost my job due to COVID. I cried because I knew they needed more food than we had or would have, and I went hungry so they could have my share. You provided us with groceries and snacks so that I can feed my boys. It helps us feel a little more normal."

"I'm calling to say thank you for helping me and my family through a bad time. I used to be a donor to LHR, and I was so embarrassed to have to come for food. We don't qualify for food assistance (SNAP), but we can't make ends meet right now. I left with groceries, and feeling like someone cared about my family. It was my birthday, and we got some great sandwiches which just made my day. Please tell EVERYONE thank you, everyone who works there, volunteers and helps."