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Resiliency Digest
May 2020
News & tips for being ready
before, during, and after emergencies.
Knowing how to deal with situations that can come up during a pandemic can go a long way in helping make you, your loved ones, and your community stronger. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have a ton of excellent resources to make daily life during the COVID-19 crisis a little easier including: 

HOUSEHOLD CHECKLIST - Print and keep this checklist handy!

LIVING IN CLOSE QUARTERS - Ways to limit risks for everyone.

STRESS AND COPING - Ways to keep anxiety at a minimum.

LIVING IN SHARED HOUSING - Managing daily activities in shared housing.
CARING FOR CHILDREN - Helping kids navigate the crisis.

IF YOU HAVE ANIMALS - Protecting pets during the pandemic.

Caregiver Strategies
Dealing with someone ill with COVID-19? Make sure you know how to protect yourself and others, and are aware of the emergency warning signs that require an immediate call to 911. Review the danger signals HERE.
Managing Your Personal Response to the Crisis
Taking care of your mental health during a crisis is important too, and this Harvard Business Review article provides some easy reminders to keep stress and worry from taking a toll.
Avoiding Coronavirus Fraud
Be aware that scams are on the rise. The FTC offers some timely tips for avoiding coronavirus fraud.
Now is a great time to remind ourselves that prevention is preferable to dealing with damage done by natural disasters and emergencies. While COVID-19 didn't allow for the typical group events held for Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 2nd, in place of in-person events, the National Fire Prevention Association and State Farm suggest conducting activities you can do from home and still help raise awareness of wildfire safety. Check out their ideas HERE. 
Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 3 – 9, 2020

The National Weather Service hosts the annual Hurricane Preparedness Week to remind people get ready for Hurricane Season which runs June 1 - November 30. In the Central Shenandoah Region, many of our most devastating floods have come from tropical systems. Here are some important activities you can do to make sure you are prepared:

1.      Determine your risk.
2.      Develop an eveacuation plan.
3.      Assemble disaster supplies.
4.      Get an insurance check-up.
5.      Strengthen your ome.
6.      Help your neighbor.
7.     Complete a written plan.

Remember it only takes one storm to change your life and your commuity. For more information visit:
Community Resiliency Achievements & Announcements
Community Emergency Response Team members recently picked up homemade masks made by a quilters group in Rockbridge County and delivered them to Staunton to be used by the Virginia COVID task force in partnership with the Virginia Department of Health. Every effort towards keeping our communities safe during this time is appreciated!
For additional resources to help protect yourself, loved ones, and property, visit the National Weather Service, , U.S. Fire Administration , and the National Safety Council .  
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