Resist's Donor Quarterly #1
Dear Resister,

The world is in deep turmoil, shifting and changing almost daily. We are amid a global pandemic, the fight for Black lives continues, and we’ve survived domestic terrorist attacks in Nashville and even in our nation’s Capitol. We’ve experienced two mass shootings in the last two weeks and stood in solidarity with the AAPI community against racist attacks. It’s hard to see a clear path forward at this moment. But the “great unveiling” of these last four years has also shined a light toward endless possibilities to create the world we want. The question remains, how do we get there?

We’re all at different stages of our understanding. Some of us are just beginning to understand the impact of the systems around us; some have been organizing for years or even decades. Regardless of where you find yourself, we want you to think of Resist as a political home. The movement doesn’t just need resources; it needs you. It needs your presence, compassion, and time but most of all, it requires all of us to commit to ongoing learning and transformation. As a Resist donor, we want to support you on this journey.

This is why I am excited to introduce to you Resist’s Donor Quarterly. In this newsletter, we will share resources that include articles, videos, and podcasts that will help you develop a deeper understanding of how the communities on the frontlines of justice and liberation movements contextualize and respond to this moment.   

[Image description: Members of Troy 4 Black Lives protest with signs and a banner that reads: "Justice for Dahmeek".]

Protecting Democracy

Just a couple of months ago, our country survived an attempted coup. This Donor Quarterly highlights the work of protecting democracy led by Black and brown organizers all across the country and how we can sustain that work in our communities.

Dispatches From the Frontlines
[Image description: Seven members of Don't Shoot Portland pose for a picture with raised fists in air and masks. Behind them is a wall with graffiti and the words "Say their names" in large orange letters.]
The dispatches from the frontlines highlight wins from Resist grantees across the country. We want you to see the impact your donations and grant-making have had on building power everywhere.

Direct action and the right to protest are a foundational part of maintaining a strong democracy and nurturing people’s power. Resist grantee Don’t Shoot Portland is protecting democracy by leading a collective of organizations holding law enforcement accountable to abusive tactics used to repress protests. You can read more about their work here: “Prosecutors Lend Their Clout In 2 Civil Rights Cases.”
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Thank you for the support you’ve given to Resist and grantees all over the country. We hope that, with our Donor Quarterly, we can build a more transformative relationship with our community. Have a suggestion for a quarterly donor theme or want to learn about a specific topic? Respond here with your ideas!

In solidarity,

Kendra Hicks

p.s. There’s a new world coming; our grantees are on the ground, ensuring that. Join us in making their vision a reality and become a movement sustainer today.

Resist is a foundation that supports people's movements for justice and liberation. We redistribute resources back to frontline communities at the forefront of change while amplifying their stories of building a better world.  
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