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Dear Resister,

There is no question that grassroots movements are growing stronger by the day. This past grant cycle is proof of just that. 
This August cycle was our largest so far in 2019! We moved $174,000 to 40 grassroots groups transforming their communities, tackling injustices, and tilting the scales of power.  

As adrienne maree brown says (1), “What we pay attention to grows.” So while it’s easy to turn on your TV, witness what feels like the end of the world, and get angry or overwhelmed by helplessness, it is always fruitful to step back and take a look at the incredible feats ordinary people are doing in every corner of the United States. 

Below you can read about two of our Hell Yeah! Grantees, fully funded groups that exemplify all of the radical, intersectional, necessary work happening on the ground. These groups are relentlessly organizing on behalf of their communities by fighting with and for women of color, keeping residents in their neighborhoods, organizing and educating people about Black maternal health, and so much more!

A Woman’s Way (2) provides quality education, training, and resources for Black women that support natural and women-centered reproductive health. They are organizing locally to challenge existing labor and delivery policies that perpetuate control and violence against Black women giving birth. They do this through workshops, networking events, and ongoing webinar series that highlight and discuss birth workers of color, strategies for improving Black maternal health, human rights issues in childbirth and reproductive justice. 
SISTA FIRE (3) co-creates a network of women of color to build collective power for social, economic, and political transformation. They are the only frontline group in Rhode Island that are not only led by women of color but are working to address issues that directly impact women in their communities, such as that of poverty, financial literacy, housing insecurity, health, and healing.  They provide members with spaces like SISTA Circles, JUSTICE Circles, trainings, and meetings that foster learning, nurture political consciousness and build local power.
In solidarity,

Director of Communications and Storytelling

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Welcome Yani Burgos!
Join us in welcoming our newest staff collective member, Yani Burgos! Yani is now the Co-director of Resource Redistribution here at Resist and we're excited to have her join our team.

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