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WHEN:                MAY 21, 2020 1:55 EDT
WHAT:                 A Timeshare Industry Teleconference Event
Mission: To knit together the resort community in face of COVID-19 fallout by providing a platform for resort professionals to hear and discuss ideas for recovery.
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Resort Industry Shows Resilience
Responds to Uncharted Territory in  Wake of Covid-19 Pandemic
by Judy Kenninger

There's an Internet meme going around that asks if we can unplug 2020 and do a restart because this version obviously has a virus. Unfortunately, that time-tested IT advice won't cure our current situation, one that has our industry facing its toughest challenges yet.

Social media marketing has become one of the go-to tools for businesses large and small to market their products and services to potential customers. The driving force behind social media marketing's popularity is two-fold. First, the advertising options for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are extremely effective. Because of the amount of personal information and behavioral data users give to these platforms it is easy for their algorithms to match advertisers with individuals who are most likely to become customers.

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