In this Spotlight:  Tobacco Cessation
Resource Spotlight     
 November 2016 * Number 1
Georgia Tobacco Quit Line
Did you know that the Georgia Department of Public Health offers a free resource right here in Georgia that doesn’t require anything more
than a desire to quit and a telephone?   The Georgia Tobacco Quit Line (GTQL) is a FREE and confidential service that is available to assist Georgians with quitting smoking and all forms of tobacco. 

How does it work?

Home visitors complete a referral form (available in English and Spanish below) with an interested caregiver and fax it to the GTQL. Faxing the form allows the Quit Coach to provide a warm introduction to caregivers to get services started.   

What happens after the form is sent?

  • Within 48 hours, a Quit Coach will call the caregiver to kick off the first of five counseling sessions. *        
  • Additional services are available for pregnant and postpartum women. 
  • Services are available for pregnant smokers not ready to quit.
  • A FREE, 4-week supply of Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs), (gum or patch) can be made available to Georgia adults aged 18 years and older (while supplies last).

*Interpreters are available for non-English speakers.

How can I motivate caregivers to quit?

This training may help! The Georgia Tobacco Use Prevention Program at the Georgia Department of Public Health offers a free online training called Engaging Tobacco Users: Tips for Health Care Providers in Georgia. While the training is designed for health care providers, home visitors can also learn important tools and tips to help interested families with tobacco cessation. 
Check your mailbox!

Expect a box of GTQL brochures and "prescription pads” to show up at your door in the coming weeks.    Please let us know when they arrive and if you have any questions.   

We’ll check in in January to see how the new resource is working for you. Your honest feedback will be appreciated!

Performance Measure Reminder:  Tobacco Cessation Referrals
How is this performance measurement defined? Percent of primary caregivers enrolled in home visiting who reported using tobacco or cigarettes at enrollment and were referred to tobacco cessation counseling or services within 3 months of enrollment.

Who is included in this performance measurement?
Primary caregivers who were enrolled at least 3 months and at enrollment reported using one or more of the following: cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, filtered little cigars, regular pipes, water pipes/hookah, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco/snuff/dip, snus, dissolvable tobacco products. 

When is this collected? Once; during the first Home Visit followed by referral documentation within 3 months post-enrollment if reported use of tobacco.