Resource eBlast  November 2019
Sharing Resources for Families of Children with Special Health Care Needs

As November brings cooler weather and the rush of holidays, we take time to be thankful. For many of us, even amid the struggle of raising CYSHCN, we are most thankful for our families. We are also thankful for the many providers who care for our children -- but not often thankful for the fragmented systems we have to navigate. This month's eBlast features tools that we hope will bolster and empower you and your kids even more. Family Voices is grateful for each and every voice in our extended network and family of readers. Thank you!

Nationwide Children's Hospital
Join Dr. Mike Patrick in the PediaCast Studio for the latest news parents can use, answers to listener questions, and interviews with pediatric and parenting experts. PediaCast has been an evidence-based, award-winning podcast since 2006. And with hundreds of episodes, millions of downloads and listeners in all 50 states and over 100 countries, more parents trust PediaCast than any other audio source. So many topics to choose from...

Phoenix Children's Child Life Development Department
Check out this tremendous resource to help explain terms, orient kids to procedures/what to expect, and foster better communication. Although the app is "for kids," it can be used for adults, families, and professionals, as well to foster better communication and get to the "shared" part of caregiving for which we strive - shared understanding, shared decision making, shared plans of care, etc.

Inspired by over 2 decades of research and discussion, pediatricians from Canada, Dr. P. Rosenbaum and Dr. J. W. Gorter, published a paper that features the six F words that the authors state should be the focus of childhood disability: Function, Family, Fitness, Fun, Friends, and Future. That sounds a lot like what matters most to kids with disabilities and families - LIFE!  Explore their website for the link to the F-word paper, posters, forms, and other tools to help move discussions from diagnosis to function!

Courageous Parents Network is a virtual destination created by parents for parents w ith the mission to empower, support, and equip families and providers caring for children with serious illness. It contains a variety of formats and types of wisdom from fellow parents and pediatric care providers. Use this network to connect, to develop new understanding, and foster communication.