Resource eBlast  September 2019
Sharing Resources for Families of Children with Special Health Care Needs
Happy Fall!  This edition of the eBlast is a collection of ideas, inspiration, and research as we transition into the fall season, continue our journey, and hopefully take a breath along the way!

Research Spotlight: Flourishing
Children with special health care needs can--and do--flourish, especially when coping, resilience, and connection form the fabric of their family life. Parenting in general, and especially for CYSHCN, involves so many little and big details that it is easy to feel overwhelmed and, quite frankly, like you are never going to be able to "do enough" to help your child grow and blossom. This study explores a topic not yet charted for CYSHCN and suggests that while all of those details are important, connection, coping, and resilience might be the key to helping our kids flourish!

Family Resilience And Connection Promote Flourishing Among US Children, Even Amid Adversity. Christina D. Bethell, Naragerel Gombojav, and Robert C Whitaker. Health Affairs, 38(5). May 2019. 

Back to School: Parent Perspectives
Parents and caregivers often feel a range of emotions at the back to school time of year--all of them normal and unique to their child and family.  The following two articles written by fellow parents of CSHCN provide inspiration, validation, and constructive ideas.

Preparing Your Child with Special Needs for an Emergency at School
Undoubtedly on the mind of many on the heels of recent news, how does one prepare their child with special healthcare needs for an emergency or crisis at the school? Do they need an individualized plan for this type of crisis? Is it in their IEP? Can it be added or simply discussed with their teachers? Check out this Washington Post article including sample checklists/plans for ways to address concerns.

With all that parents must do to help their family transition back to the school year, self-care may be the last thing on your mind.  In fact it can be the most important part of flourishing for you and the entire family. Consider these ideas of how to take a bit of time for yourself right now as gentle encouragement, permission, and a helping hand!